Sunday, August 5, 2007

Terms of surrender

It has come to my attention that things have changed between us. The persona you have played exclusively in the bedroom for many months has spilled out onto the floors of the rest of your life. I can view this in the ways you are dressing yourself. It is clear in the images of women that draw your attention. Your posture even assumes a difference when i come into the room. Patterns of breathing i'd seen only in your throes of passion now appear as we walk together.

Because of this, i offer you the following terms:

You will no longer view yourself as an autonomous being. From this point on, you will see yourself as owned. You are an object, to be held and monitored and cared for. Your needs exist outside of you. On a regular basis, you will submit to exercises that test, confront, challenge and ultimately shatter the once strong sense of free individuality you came to me with. You will live as my doll.

You will wear the clothes i choose, arrange your appearance by my specifications, and no longer own your physical identity. When you look in the mirror, you will see the alterations i have made, and you will know that you are my toy. You will gradually experience physical modifications that will take on greater and greater permanence, further marking you as mine.

You will submit to regular corporal discipline sessions, to enforce your status as the directed. At any moment, you will be asked to offer yourself, and expected to wait with your body positioned in preparation for a thrashing. You will submit to the pain, letting it guide you in the process of letting go. You will submit to the humiliation of being regularly spanked, letting it loosen your grip on your former, artificial ego. You will submit to the degradation you will feel when you realize you need this correction, letting it remind you of your place as my hungry, needy, desperate fucktoy.

You will be my possession, my property.

These terms are unconditional and non-negotiable.


Farmwife said...

It is funny, objectification and being a toy, fuck toy or otherwise, object, thing, property, while being such an integral part of BDSM canon, have never really appealed to me. Even the very thought of fills me with annoyance and desperation. I so have to be the one in control at all times, it's crazy.

Ani said...

I humbly accept.

Oh. Err, I mean... great post. Yes, that's what I meant. Ahem.


jayne said...

once again the simplicity of your writing is awesome. It completely exposes the contracts so many of us make with our owners. Reminds me of the changes that have been wrought upon me and gives me an insight into Master's goals.
Thank you

littlegirl said...

i particularly like the way you describe the "things" that changed. the description of heavy breathing in public reminds me of what it feels like to fall in love and be overcome with passions just walking with my beloved.

oh, and this sentence: "You will submit to the degradation you will feel when you realize you need this correction, letting it remind you of your place as my hungry, needy, desperate fucktoy," left me speechless.

Pixiepie said...

what a big step...very powerful words.

Mae said...

I have had to think about this post for the last few days and it's effect on me is deep. I'm at once wishing I could be the object of said contract and terrified by it. I'm not sure I could live up to your standards, Deity, but the idea of it makes me near speechless.

a.g. said...

When I read this, I pretended it was written for me. I've wanted to hear such words (though in a measure personalized for me) all my life. But maybe for some of us, certain things remain better in the realm of fantasy.

But thank you for unintentionally giving me that fantasy, anyway. Nice to indulge in. :-)

Deity said...

i'm not sure i completely understand why you have to be the one in control. So much of your fantasy, from my point of view, would seem to imply otherwise.

naughty, naughty.

I hope i haven't ruined any of his intended secrets.

sometimes i wonder if it is something just i notice, or she's waiting for me to catch on.

hey there! how nice of you to comment! glad you liked them.

what terrifies you? I'd be curious to hear what causes such gripping fear.

Fantasy. Blech. Don't have any patience for that. Neither should you.

Farmwife said...

deity - it's funny, and I wrote about that recently - I like to submit but only if I am dominated in the way I want to, not in the way I don't want to. I would not want to or be able to be anyone's good slave. So my husband plays along nicely with that desire. I am not a true submissive, keep in mind, but a topping from the bottom control-freak.

Mae said...

To explain to you what terrifies me so....
That I would be disappointing, most of all. A contract like that is serious business and even working up to such a standard is a brave and arduous task as much as it is a wonderfully amazing life experience. In my current mental state, I know I couldn't live up to it, but I'm wishing I could try.
Right now the fantasy is enough to make my heart beat fast and have butterflies in my stomach. I'm terrified, but that isn't necessarily a bad thing Deity.

I hope I've enlightened you a little but if I've made no sense, chalk it up to female silliness, ok?