Friday, August 17, 2007

Marking what is mine

"Absolutely not!"

I have to admit. My girl was so cute in her refusal. It was very early in the development of our dynamic, very early in our coupling, just, very early. I had made my demand that she let me mark her by piercing each of her nipples with a 10-gauge, steel ring. She labeled this as a hard limit.

The grey, crescent-shaped impression right in the middle of the girl's tit that pressed through the tight, cotton material of her t-shirt caught my eye. Before that afternoon many years ago on the outdoor pedestrian mall, i'd never seen a nipple piercing. Technically, i hadn't seen it this time, either, but i'd seen enough. I was hooked. The idea of a girl piercing metal through a part of her body that i had such a desire to wrap my lips around mixed up a devious mental pudding in my mind. I immediately thought of this piercing, above all others that i'd seen littering the young, feral faces of the opposite sex, as the true calling card of the kinkster. I looked for as many images as possible online, finding my way eventually to BMEZine. What i gleaned as i scanned the not-quite-as-vast archives of this site was that i liked the idea of using the piercing as a way to signify someone's submissiveness to me. I also liked the idea of infecting a girl, taking a blank canvas, clean of any piercings, and slowly warping her body so that she would look like the kinksters i assumed these other girls were.

I respect my girl's hard limits. I truly do. Most of them actually coincide with my own. There are, however, those interests of mine that live in the frightening darkness beyond the borders of her horizon. Having had years of experience examining, exploring and engaging in my own kink, my girl came to me as a relative novice. She'd had fantasies and a few rougher moments with past lovers, but never any formal indulgence in SM. Therefore, i've taken some of her limits as expressions of uncertainty, and look at them as ways we can gain intimacy by overcoming them.

One way i broached the subject of piercing was to assure her that i didn't have a desire to blot her face and entire body with metal threaded through her flesh. I've always stated that i want my girl to look classy, and a heavily pierced visage tends not to look that way. The nipple piercings would be a discrete notion that only her and i would know about, except those times she was to appear nude in a play party setting (or in front of her doctor - a potentially humiliating scenario i relished thinking about). I could feel ground starting to give on this matter.

Marking the one you are intimate with as yours comes off as a very brutal and violent gesture. I understand that's part of its thrill, but it is something that only those of us who seek this dynamic care to allow. The notion of possession outside a power exchange causes so much friction, especially if it is deemed one way and not reciprocal. I do not seek to wear a mark that indicates i am owned, nor do i feel that it is appropriate that i wear something that tells others i have possessions. As many of us know, it is not easy finding a consenting partner who will submit to the status of an object, and at least for me, i have the desire to mark my girl to signal to anyone else that should encounter her, but more importantly to herself, that she is taken. Plucked. Reserved. And in a way that a ring on her finger doesn't communicate.

Against the signal, we were crossing the intersection of Lafayette and Great Jones one evening when she declared,"I'd like to do this for you." Imagine a wide-angle lens shot zooming into her face. Stopping in the crosswalk, I double, triple, google take at her. This, as i stated. was a hard limit for her. I remember feeling like Joshua standing at the crumbled walls of Jericho. And then i realized the horn blaring in my ears was that of a yellow taxi cab leaning on its horn. I gathered my girl - with pride - and escorted her to the other side of the street.

I've had other submissives pierced. Some quite dramatically. But that was just for the mechanical application of metal through flesh, for the sole purpose of pursuing the excitement of body modification. One former submissive ("4girl") who continues to check in with me every once in awhile was pierced (rather dramatically) over 50 times, each hole receiving a certain labor of stretching or skin-punching. The pleasure of applying my physical tug on 4girl's cunt lips, nipples, and ear lobes satisfied the urge to dominate her flesh. But what must be mentioned is knowing what only her and i know: the 4girl who once was versus the submissive-to-her-own-modified-body that is now. When i first met her, 4girl had two piercings, the conventional earlobes done by a piercing gun at a suburban mall earring shop. By the time our dynamic had lived its fullest and passed on, 4girl was permanently altered, not resembling the once curious creature that had crept into my saloon.

As part of an entire evening dedicated to the splendor of overcome obstacles (including where we both ordered dishes we typically had avoided at an exotic Peruvian restaurant), i escorted my girl to the piercing salon. I explained to the bejeweled and begraffitied technician what i wanted. I chose not to force the boundaries of our power exchange around him, and took a somewhat subdued tact with his professional, albeit overly cautious, recommendations. Somehow i got talked into the smaller 12 gauge instead of the 10. Fine. It was a detail i didn't really care to parse, especially since i could see every minute i negotiated only prolonged the torment my incredibly patient and brave girl was having to endure.

I love her nipple rings, her "bits" as i like to call them. I've since increased the gauge of her rings and changed out the jewelry a couple of times. I don't foresee going outrageously big, because she has such delicate-looking nipples and anything too large will just appear grotesque. What this has accomplished, besides providing a semi-permanent place to latch something onto her, is an opening of frontiers. In time, i will seek a true permanent mark, and because we ventured into this new territory together and no one got hurt (i swear all she got was a pin prick), we've grown even closer.


{milla} said...

A pin prick? You have to be joking, mine hurt like two huge motherfuckers pounding my nipples into the dirt with massive concrete boots! Pin prick. Pfft.

Anyway. Just give me a second to recover from my outrage.

Now. I got my own nipples pierced and love them to death (all pain forgotten except for the debilitating flashbacks caused by other bloggers ;) but SC` wants to brand me.




I'm petrified. But they're so pretty.


Thursday's Child said...

Nipple rings are something I've always found extremely seductive. The idea of being permanently marked, having that telltale curve beneath my shirt, that someone might look at me and know...

And then I pull back and it frightens me. There's something about nipple rings which cross a line for me - like, once I go that far, I've opened up a door that I cannot close ever again. I have my tongue pierced, but nipples...they are undeniably sexual.

Anonymous said...

While I never dreamt of piercing anything but my earlobes (ok, I wanted a nosering as a teen), I do want to admit that reading this, even if for a moment, presented a completely different view of piercing - all of a sudden I could think of it as attractive, deliciously deviant in a discreet and subtle way. It turned me on, this story, I must say. It made me curious.

Anonymous said...

my owners have spoken a lot about marking me at some point, and nipple rings were their mark of choice... at first. i'm hoping that i've talked them out of it, seeing as how i'm uncommonly sensitive there and prone to foreign body infections (redhead skin just hates anything that isn't itself, i'm afraid). eventually they will come up with something though, and i will have to obey gladly... in my ideal fantasy of how this would work, it would bring about closeness and intimacy just like you described. :) and they would pierce something more benign, like my navel.

Deity said...

of course i was joking. It was probably even more minor of a sensation than that. Like a kiss. Yes, definitely a kiss.

Brands, when done well are in fact very beautiful

thursday's child,
welcome! so glad to have you poke your head in. i belive my girl felt similar, and she has often said "This is a slippery slope with you." Yes, but isn't it fun to slide down a hill?

i hope i provided an honest and inquisitive look at the nipple piercing. i'm glad to hear it may have given you a different glimpse at it.

awww, you don't want your nipples to become even more sensitive?

Pixiepie said...

I know that one day I will not only have my nipples pierced but my labia as isn't a matter of being too scared to do it for me. I am Dominant claims they would get in the way.

Ya'll must help me change his mind! This sounds amazing!

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

Well, this is my first comment to your blog. I've been following it since the post on Legend and I have been, well, enthralled ever since.

The idea of getting nipple piercing is daunting, yet i find pierced nipples quite gorgeous. Rather conflicting, really.

btw, i randomly found a site that made me think of you instantly. It's called High Gloss Dolls (


Deity said...

pixie pie,
i can't for the life of me figure out how they would get in the way. my best advice is to send your dominant to these pages, perhaps they might persuade.

i'm delighted that you would peep up. welcome.
i love the look of a pierced nipple too, preferably one with rings. to me, as i stated, it says "owned".