Saturday, August 11, 2007

Second skin

I credit the internet for many things.

It allowed me the opportunity to once again cross paths with those personalities i'd lost touch with through the passage of time. However, ultimately, those reunions are short-lived and have usually led to nothing more than a few reciprocal e-mails, the exchange fizzling out into an "oh,well" resignation.

It allowed me to search for jobs and openings across the country and globe that i would normally not have seen, providing me with a glimpse into the possibilities of a new life, a new home, a new culture. I have learned, though, that i still encounter more fulfilling career moves by following the tried and true-tested path of "who you know" (it surprises me still today how the pedigree of your acquaintances trumps that of your own talent).

Ultimately, what i can thank the internet for, without any reservation, is the exposure it has given me to numerous forms of kink. Many of my perversions i can trace back to some remnant or pleasure-seeking memory from my childhood. But, there are those that came to me exclusively through my manic world wide webbery. I have encountered and sampled just about any fetish imaginable, trying each of them on for a moment to see if indeed it fit me. Most didn't, but those that stuck have adhered themselves to the back of my kinky locker, where i go to fill my often famished gullet. One i admittedly would not likely have encountered had i not spent time in my early work life whoring the free Internet connection at my job, following link after endless link, is that of the infecting fetish material known as latex.

When i look at an image of a girl in latex i can think of nothing but sexual desire. There is no other use for donning clothing made of shiny latex except to be turned into a sex object. Many of the fetishes that arouse me come from objects i eroticize. I do not need to do that with latex. It exudes sex. I recognize that much of what is out there in the latex genre probably turns off most people, and this is largely due to the freakish outfits and appearances those into heavy rubber assume. I felt this way too when i first stumbled across the world of shiny cocooned females. But as i gobbled more and more of it, viewing the evocative energy it seemed to draw out of its models, i found myself wanting more and more extreme latex images.

I found the material encapsulating, both my mind and the girl wearing it. It moulded over their female form, recreating it, duplicating it. Then, it captured it, kidnapped it, shined it up, and made it brand new. Things that are shiny look newer, cleaner, exciting; simply put, sexy. Latex removed imperfection, it made the flesh uniform, removed all blemishes, squeezed the flesh underneath, tightened the thighs. It pulled and compressed, creating instant clevage, lifting ass cheeks, and it screamed "i must be worn with heels". It gave a manufactured look to the girl, as if she were created in a factory, a doll ready to be used and displayed. All of this was accomplished for me merely by its imagic qualities. I hadn't yet encountered the material in person.

The scent - oh what a scent! Rough. Thick. Pungent. Smoky. Walking for the first time into a store that sold articles of latex clothing, the thing that i became addicted to more than anything else was the smell. So strong. It punctured my nostrils with a potent sexual perfume. When mixed with sweat and the natural feminine odors that arrive with her arousal, the strong scent slaughters the refined gentleman i try to uphold, leaving behind a beast of raw lust. Taking her from behind while she's wearing a rubber catstuit, as the floral aroma from her cunt rises, mingling with her musky backside, it stings my nose, inciting my urge to fuck. Harder. Slamming into her. I experience the most primal bouts of sex when latex is involved.

Over the years, i have culled through thousands of images of females bound in rubber, hundreds of sites of both amateur and professional variety demonstrating devious slick applications, and i've attended numerous rubber balls and parties with my latex-encased companion. The material never ceases to plunge me into a dark fathom of infatuation. I invite the curious and the mildly alarmed to explore this sexual top of all fabrics. I'll even provide you with a few links to get you started:



Farmwife said...

Boy, I would sure love to try that, but I fear that my husband might reject it. Never know, though. If I managed to turn him on to it...

Mae said...

That is the most amazing description of how latex effects a male that I have ever heard of. Again, I'm enthralled by your words. Thank you.

jayne said...

Deity, i feel myself succumbing under the power of this imagery to the allure of latex. Imagining how that slick and slippery fabric would feel on my skin as it restricts and moulds me.

His pet said...

i wrote i didn't like latex BEFORE i saw this! i think i had it all wrong...or perhaps Master was reacting wrong. If He'd had this reaction...well, i might wear it always, no matter the color!

Deity said...

i would actually recommend, before you bought any latex, to go into a store that specifically sells it, instead of a variety shop that just has a handful of items. completely different level of attention, not to mention latex shoppes tend to have a bargain bin.

did the description change your view of latex?

please let me know if you ever give into the power of the material. i love hearing stories of how it overwhelms.

it seriously causes me to bypass any well-trained social mores which means i have to be an especially good boy (read: on lock down) whenever i go to parties where girls are dressed in sexy latex outfits.

Mae said...

Change my view on Latex? No. I've always thought of it as an interesting substance that I know I can't pull off with my current attitude but it's sexy and very wonderful to look at when done right. Knowing how any man reacts to it is another matter entirely, so I feel a little more enlightened to one man's view. It's fun to feel enlightened!

farmwife said...

I'd like to apologize in advance about a personal-ish and long comment to follow. I thought I'd share with you that I decided to go with a latex mini-skirt, I imagine it'd go well with other fetish accessories I already own. I felt like I wanted to go with something that had to do with behind but not something all too overwhelming for J, like a cat suit, for instance. Besides, I have no experience with it myself, and it seems that with a mini skirt it's hard to go terribly wrong. Of course, I have no intention of wearing it to the food co-op, but perhaps I could pull it off as a Halloween costume :)? I followed your recommendation by going with an online store specializing in that (I don't have any actual stores in my immediate vicinity which would carry something like this). Again, thank you for posting about this and making me think about it seriously. I think it's going to be an interesting experience, I think it's a worthy thing to try, especially since it wasn't a major investment.