Wednesday, August 15, 2007

I've always liked the rain

I've been pleasantly surprised to find that the lovely Chelsea Girl has been kind enough to link me in her roundup on Fleshbot this week. I consider this a thrill for two reasons. The first being the many new eyes it has introduced to my journal. The second and more important reason being that i find her to be frankly one of the best writers out there in this erotic online realm.

I also wanted to take the opportunity with this post to mention that i'm overwhelmingly flattered by the many readers and bloggers who have commented on and linked to this page. Holding your attention has been a fulfilling and inspiring endeavor. Thank you. It is with great pleasure I share my take on "corrupting the feminine creature". It is with greater pleasure that I will continue to do so.


a.g. said...

Congratulations! The more readers that discover your journal, the better. Excellent writing in this genre is a treasure to find.

Anonymous said...

I am delighted to see that as well, and I had no doubt that your blog would gain popularity rapidly. Your writing is simply exquisite, I just couldn't say that enough.

Deity said...

aw, gee that's sweet. you think i should be allowed to infect more?

i greatly appreciate your praise. the association of the word "exquisite" to my writing pushes me through a tough day or difficult moment. thank you.