Monday, October 6, 2014

Risk taken

I invite you to watch this scene. Go ahead. I can wait.

Quite exquisite, isn't it? I even have it playing in the background as I write this. The noises of her struggling to breathe in the beginning are quite rich and appetizing. And just as her domme (Mz. Berlin) squeezes the bulb to the gag in her mouth one last time, the little slurp from the rubber toy is delectable. Mz. Berlin eventually produces a cattle prod and the scene unfolds to a nice tormenting crescendo.

It's a very reliable and typical production from I find it very arousing to watch, but after a few views, I begin to recognize it for the theatrical piece that it is. Breaking it down, my mind migrates to the ways in which one could recreate it in the comfort of their own home, and very quickly, the magic of the scenario dissolves, and the spectacle becomes quite pedestrian.

When we encounter disembodied performances like this, we tend not to ponder all of the labor and effort that goes into it. First of all, there is the well-coordinated latex gear. These rubbery items are not cheap, and one thing about transparent latex is that without proper care, it can easily become discolored and unseemly. My girl and I have played scenes with similar get-ups, and dressing her up like this takes a great deal of time and concentration. It can take twenty to thirty minutes to pull everything on and make sure all the necessary holes align with her nostrils so that she can breathe properly. For something that lasts only a handful of minutes (as this video does), it sometimes feels like the preparatory effort isn't worth it.

Next, when you look at the rigging, that hardware consists of some major amounts of metal fabrication. Most people could never begin to mimic the craftsmanship on display here - and this metallic artistry isn't even the thing that gets our attention. We don't even think about the professional lighting, or the set designs, and our minds never turn to the dozens of professionals behind the camera, ensuring this scene flows as designed.

For those of us who aspire to perform their own similar bondage minuet, we are hopelessly outmatched by all of this choreography. When we try to pull something like this off, it can often fall apart clumsily, killing the erotic atmosphere we'd hope to command. There have been many times where something I planned didn't work in execution, and the humiliation both my girl and I've felt as we detangle all of the gear from her person takes some time to live down.

I think it's important to remember that when we watch professionals perform these fantasy moments, these are actors who are getting paid (most of them, anyway) to produce an illusion that to them isn't the intimate connection we hope to explore with our partners. I know I can catch myself losing site of this notion as I watch Mz. Berlin effortlessly bring her rubber toy to yet another forced orgasm. Allowing myself to accept that I'm not always 100% certain or correct permits me to thrive on the mistakes that to me, make the moments with my girl all the more real.