Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wandher off

I can't remember the precise thread of thoughts that led me to the designs for that evening's correction, but i do recall the instant the innovation popped into my head that a devilish smile painted itself across my mouth and the words "evil genius" captioned on my crown. Lately, i'd been craving predicament scenarios. In addition, i wanted to add some spice to our weekly routine. I intuited that a carrot needed to be inserted (into the scenario, you perverts).

"What do you have in store for me tonight?"

"I'm not sure what you mean?"

"It's Friday. Time for my correction."

"Oh, are we still doing that?"

My girl rolled her eyes at me, apparently unfazed by my stonewalled face.

I escorted her back to our bedroom where she was met with the hairbrush and thin dowel cane i'd laid out onto the bedspread. I knew that the options were not equally evaluated by her.

"You get your choice between these two implements."

"That's simple, i'll choose the-"

"Before you choose, i'd like to add that only one of these will allow you to use the Magic Wand." Her eyes widened.

The Carrot.

Some of you may remember a while back, where i used my Flex Spending dollars on items that would bolster my kinky supplies. Even after my successful haul, i still had a considerable amount left over, and looked through the online drugstore once more to see if there was anything that caught my eye. I couldn't believe it when i came across the Hitachi Magic Wand at I immediately purchased it, keeping it a surprise from my girl, and excitedly awaited it's arrival (talk about a stimulus package from the government).

My girl has long had issues regarding masturbation and achieving orgasm. It had always been a goal of mine to help her overcome these and allow her to experience the full pleasure of her body's erogenous reactions. When i first presented her with her brand new toy, she reacted with muted excitement, uncertain why i would "waste money on yet another vibrator". Dear readers, i've known the power of the Magic Wand for many years, and i knew my girl even better. EVERY girl should have one. It should be a right, we should have government-mandated grants or scholarships that provide every female in this country with their very own (kinda like using a pre-tax allocation of funds to purchase one). I knew precisely her reaction once she nestled it's magical head against the pink folds of her sex and flipped the switch.

Her wide eyes staring at me as i dangled the electronic incentive in front of her were those of a complete convert. She knew that if i was sweetening the deal with her Magic Wand, the cane strokes were not going to be light. Nontheless, a girl has got to have her candy.

"Well, obviously, i choose the cane."

I had her strip and then come to the side of the bed where the device was plugged into the wall. I told her to grasp the white shaft of the vibrator on both sides, with the business end pointing in towards her belly, ensuring that her fingers could not reach the switch that adjusted the speed. I then took pink, vinyl bondage tape and wrapped her hands, making her and the implement one. I then directed her to assume a position on all fours on the bed, leaning on her knees and her elbows.

"We're going to warm you up first. Place the wand against your cunt."

She touched the silent staff to her crotch. I began tapping her exposed buttocks with the long cane, repeatedly over and over, targeting small patches of her flesh. Normally, my girl would writhe in sheer pain at this form of attention, but because of what lingered at her pussy, she knew better than to make a peep.

"Would you like me to turn the wand on?"

"Yes. Yes, please."

Reaching between her legs, i clicked the switch that set the device to animation. She instantly moaned, moving her conjoined hands so that the vibrating head made the perfect contact. I continued biting her backside with short, quick swipes, gradually increasing the amount of surface area the cane flicked into her skin. Unabated, she ground her cunt into the white dome of the wand. By this point, her ass cheeks burned a cherry red.

"Would you like me to turn it on high?"

"uh...y-y-yes...yes please."

"Give me a number."


This offering raised my eyebrows. This was not my regular girl talking. Not when the cane is involved. This was not my demure, playful, frail little darling who feared the long justice of the thin wooden tail. This was a hungry, desirous creature tossing her safety away for more. More. This was a fire that burned the length of her suppined body. This was utterly incredible to see. This was climax.

And this was definitely going to hurt.


Vesta said...

There are, of course, many ways to lead the horse to water, and carrots work just fine, as is evidenced here.

Personally, I feel that all my problems have been solved.

Allison said...

I always enjoy reading your posts, but sometimes i wish you didn't give my man quite so many ideas :)

baby girl said...


and perfect.

nameless said...

i have a magic M bought it for me of the changed my life from almost orgasmless to utter sheer madness

elle said...

I've always thought it highly erotic, the dilemma of a choice. In my experience, it has always been with a little something 'extra' in a negative sense for taking the easier choice - the lesser of two evils. It's an interesting change up, the reward for taking the harder path.

This post made me shiver. =)

Hugs, Elle

CharliB. said...

What a lovely predicament to be in! I, too, suffer from issues regarding masturbating and orgasming in the presence of others and have recently been introduced to this wonderful piece of equipment. It works! It definitely works!

Deity said...

Again with the carrots. You are such perverts!

He's more than welcome to reach out to me in private.

baby girl,
which cums first?

and how have you repayed him?

well, of course you must spike the dessert with some vinegar. otherwise you wouldn't be a sadist.

do you refer to use it on yourself, or do you like it when someone else takes the reins?

Allison said...

I would love to say that he's not allowed.... but I'm not allowed to say that he's not allowed..... that would get me into trouble.