Sunday, April 12, 2009

Don't answer

I imagine you sitting there, wondering if i'm speaking directly to you.
The room around you is dark, the only illumination coming from the monitor.
Your eyes peel over every curvature of these words, looking for a hint at my meaning.
When it first comes to you, that darkness, that lack of light that surrounds you suddenly grips you.
It holds you firmly, like the words on this page, knowing my intent.
You read the previous sentences, over and over again, in order to distract you from the thoughts that now creep into your head.
But they are there, gathering outside your door, outside the confines of your safe, secure mind.
In the shadows.
Summoned by me, to do my bidding. To tempt and haunt you.
Do you let them in? Do you willingly open that door and feel them rush upon you, succumb to them, allow them to bind you and then drag you off to be delivered at my feet?

Did you hear it? That just creaked, as if something were leaning on it.


m said...

gotcha :) I don't know, if im stille 'daring' to read here now :)

Trishymouse said...

I'm a puddle after reading that. LOL

Lulu said...

Why not?

baby girl said...

the door's open. ;)

sunny said...

mind reader...sigh....

Anonymous said...

Please stop you are scaring me and i fear what you have to reveal.


Deity said...

no? you'll be missed if you can't stay.

What happens if you read it again?

I suspect it's better not to.

baby girl,
now that's not very safe.

Maybe just lucky.

you will that i should stop? anyone else?

goodgirl said...

Deity, Sir
Perhaps I just sit there, my toes curling into the cherry wood floor, my fingers now threaded together, resting upon my lap, my body motionless, with the exception of the acceleration of my heart as I struggle to remain still.

Back to the door.

Eyes closed.

Hoping that whatever is at the door will disappear.

Hoping even more so that whatever is at the door will slip into the room.