Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Even a sadist has his limits

While it is unlike me to pull the plug on a ruse i've pulled before the completion of one of my favorite days of the year, i didn't want to go too far with my little April Fool's joke.

The post titled "Break" was indeed not a real announcement of a lengthy hiatus.

So, for those who left me such very kind wishes of a speedy return, i am very grateful for your words. While, i'm still experiencing the bitter aftertaste that i referred to here, i'll manage. Ole Deity was just having some good-natured fun on the first day of his birthday month. Sorry, i couldn't pass up the opportunity.


Anonymous said...

I think this sort of tom foolery requires a correction!


sunny said...

Oh you naughty man! You have too much charm and wit for me to be angry with you, though! You got me but good!

baby girl said...

i suspected as much when i realized what today's date is. didn't want to be insensitive in case you were serious, so i kept silent. i'm glad you're not going anywhere just yet. :)

i do hope you find a solution to your taste bud problem soon. it sounds very unpleasant indeed.

Clemmi said...


this post made me smile. Not bad for a sadist...


oatmeal girl said...

Caring, thoughtful person that I am, I honestly spared nary a thought to the announced hiatus. Except for the implication that you must be having a really rotten time of it. So I will repeat the advice I gave privately and more sweetly - get your miserable ass over to a GI doctor and get yourself cured. Sir.

better-off-redd said...

Here I sat catching up...Worried for your horrible predicament...That you might have anything from a pinched nerve in your jaw to food poisoning...hoping to offer some suggestion to aid in recovery (Plenty of experience with odd oral maladies)...Only to discover a latent shenanigan.

Well Played, Diety Sir! Well Played!

Deity said...

Shall i put my girl over my knee to appropriately answer this accusation?

Of course i'm naughty! Have you looked at the banner at the top of this site recently? I'm glad you aren't too upset, though. All in good fun.

baby girl,
so i pulled nothing over on you, eh? i'll have to do better next year, assuming this site is still in operation a year from now...

Thank you, thank you.

i went, and he's on the case. pushy lil thing...

shenanigan, yes, i quite like that word. haven't had it applied lately to many of my behaviors, and that's something i should like to correct.

Anonymous said...

Have you eaten pine nuts recently? I have, and developed a bitter taste similar to the one you've described. After a little research I discovered that this phenomenon is often reported after eating certain strains of pine nut, and usually goes away in a week or so.

Deity said...

I haven't eaten pine nuts, but thank you for the advice. I visited my GI Doc, and after having a camera shoved down my throat, he has determined that it is a case of the GERD. Oh so much fun is that GERD.