Friday, August 29, 2008

ces choses

these things you need weren't there before.

these things you ask for would never have crossed your lips.

these things that have you pleading, begging, soaked, flushed, dizzy, hungry, have changed you.

what happened to you?

you never would've let someone take you anally, and now, the thought of it drives you into a frenzy.

you decided what you wore - everyday. in fact, you were one of those dark girls who no one messed with. who would believe you demurely wear skirts and dresses now? who would ever believe you gave over the privilege to dress yourself to someone else?

you were never spanked as a child. yet, these days you expect to be positioned, scolded, spanked, corrected.

still, even you question why you find these things arousing. when i ask you to inspect my fingers for the glistening nectar produced by your cunt, the evidence is clear.

you've changed. what happened to you?

what happened to me? i've changed too.

my hunger has grown. i've embodied this beast more and more, day to day.

i've become attached to the rituals. i've become attached to the sensations, the heat on my hands from slapping your flesh, the burn of the rope as i pull it across my palms. i've become attached to the smells of ecstasy. i've become attached to the mental engineering i use to design the next torment. i've become attached to the sound of your breath caught in your chest as a way to dilute the searing pain of the cane. i've become attached to dressing my doll.

i've become attached to these things. Quite so.


sera said...

Wow--and true.

This stuff is so powerful, sometimes it feels beyond explanations--definitely beyond the rational.

moonheart said...

That's also what i thought at first; wow!
So beautifully and clear written, expressing those intens feelings where sometimes there are no words to find to describe such intensity. You've found those words and they linger....

Deity said...

how true?

and to think i made it too simple. thank you for your comment.