Tuesday, August 5, 2008

de ma femme

I've been milling the decision about on how i can get my girl's perspective onto these pages for nearly the entire existence of "The Lustful Quality". Recently, the light bulb illuminated in my head.

"Eureka! I'll give her a writing assignment!"

(Not another assignment - Good God, man, aren't you hard enough on her?)

I know what i think and feel (mostly) when i mummify her. I wanted her to write out how she reacts to it. This will be her first writing assignment for this site. There might be more, there might not be. Rather than her crafting directly onto transformher, for now i'll re-post her writing*. That way i can keep her...


Under Wraps

Usually the way I know it’s going to happen is because he tells me. As his girl, I wait for his cue, and he’s not shy about giving it. I’ve been mummified a few different ways — sometimes it’s a layer of cling wrap followed by a layer of duct tape, other times it’s gauze bandages — but every time, the medium is his choice. Part of the excitement for me is that I am but a pawn in his game, the base for his sculpture. Were it not for the relationship between us, I might as well be just another girl from a classified ad, but the fact that I’m not changes the nature of the scene.

Cling wrap is typically used in the winter, when it’s already generally cool in the house, but even then we usually have to turn a fan. He often uses the green cling wrap, since it’s one of my favorite colors, but sticks to the plain gray or black duct tape when a more industrial look is preferred. On other occasions, he might not use duct tape at all, and just leave it at green shrink wrap. When the gauze is used by itself, my skin can breathe, and my body becomes a rainbow of bandages. Sometimes my mouth and nose are kept free for breathing (and other things), other times I breathe through a tube. As with everything else, it’s ultimately his choice. When I am his mummy, I am his creation.

For me, this is entirely freeing. I love sleeping, so being forced to remain in one position for a long time and turn my mind inside of itself is both a treat and a relief. At the start of the session there is almost always a period where it takes some time for me to adjust to the fact that I am powerless, but eventually it comes to me that I’m actually powerless all the time. When mummified, I can do nothing but breathe, which is the very least I need to do to survive no matter what the case. The gradual acceptance that so little of my life is in my control is ultimately liberating, although frightening at first. Once I reach that point, my test is one of endurance. How long can I sustain having my legs bent backwards, my arms forced into a reverse prayer? How long can I go without being able to take deep breaths as I please?

Part of my responsibility as the mummified object is to let him know my limits. Boundaries being what they are, sometimes I don’t know where the line is until it is crossed, and that’s another facet of our play together. Throughout a session, he talks to me, checks in on me, and I can indicate my status with grunts that tell him whether I am okay or in need of release. Moreover, my head is usually one of the last things to be wrapped, and so while my body is contorted he asks me how long I think I can last in this position and works from there. This part is really important to me. I may be his subject, his work of art or even his victim, but at the end of the line my needs come first. Similarly, his needs are defined once I’ve named mine, which for my part are determined with his satisfaction in mind. If this sounds confusing, I don’t blame you. Where the wants and needs of two people are in constant flux and communication, that is where you will find the rarest of things--a true partnership of trust. For me, mummification is an expression of this trust, and I hope it is as positive and relaxing for everyone else as it is for me and my man.

*If you'd like to leave a comment for her, please do so. She reads these pages and the comments and loves feedback.


goodgirl said...

There was a time when I could not possibly understand the liberating aspect of such an expression as mummification. Very recently I have come to understand and embrace such a freeing and arousing experience. The delicious oxymoron of being bound yet free is a cognitive and emotional state I crave and appreciate.

Thank you for sharing your experience.

In warmth,


chiyu.kiri said...



She writes very well. Suddenly I find myself wishing I could find an opportunity to be under wraps. -grins-

sera said...

Deity, I wonder how devious you are? If not for the last part, inviting us to comment on her writing, I would have _sworn_ this was you, writing from her perspective. ;)

If you wrote this, kudos to you for your brilliant mind. If she wrote this, kudos to her for hers, and for finding a mate so tremendously in tune with her in all respects.

MJ's Slave said...

'....turn my mind inside of itself is both a treat and a relief. At the start of the session there is almost always a period where it takes some time for me to adjust to the fact that I am powerless, but eventually it comes to me that I’m actually powerless all the time."

How absolutely beautifully stated. This was an intensely powerful post and i appreciate you both sharing this experience. i find it difficult, at times, to find the language to explain the freedom tight bondage brings and you capture it perfectly.

Thank you!
~slave nik

Meta said...

I fully support more writing assignments! Beautifully written and interesting topic. I've never been or thought about being mummified, but I'm very curious after reading this post. Also, I completely relate to that feeling of feeling liberated when powerless.

Since I'm commenting on her anyway, I've been curious about whether your girl is a masochist or just accepts the pain as part of her submission?

Kitty du Vert said...

Hi everyone,

Yes, it is I who wrote the above, and thank you for the encouraging comments to keep writing here. In a shameless plug (aren't they all?), know that you can read more from me on my blog, Pinup Tales. Less about sex, more about fashion, but fetish is certainly the bridge between them.

I do hope to do some more writing on transformher. Thanks again for reading.

and, meta--can the answer be yes and yes, at least for now? perhaps i'll elaborate next time. with deity's permission, of course.

keep tight,

Penny said...

This made all the other posts spring into life for me. Before, they seemed impossibly remote, fantasies I enjoyed without being able to put myself inside them. Thanks, Kitty and Diety, for giving a glimpse from inside the wraps.

Deity said...

then it did exactly what i'd hoped it would.

there will be more of these, have no fear.

katie said...

I think it's wonderful and am a bit envious of your relationship!

Deity said...

loved your site since the first time my girl showed it to me. your comments are kind and flattering.

pupkitten said...

Having only recently started reading your blog I was pleasantly surprised to find your girl as eloquent as you are. How wonderful for you both, and thank you both so much for sharing your thoughts and feelings in this way.

Deity said...

i consider her more eloquent than myself, so i'll take your comment as a very kind compliment. thank you for dropping a line on these walls.

Destructicon said...

Perhaps, once again, a bit of a late date to be commenting... but there are archives for a reason right?

Wonderful to read. I've often pondered the interiour thoughts that take place when in sensory deprivation situations. Speaking with and reading your own submissive's journal is enlightening, but reading other perspectives is a treat!

Many thanks!