Sunday, February 3, 2008

How to build your own mummy

What you'll need:
10 ft. of shrinkwrap or palletwrap

15 yds. of colored 2" wide duct tape (color of your choosing)

set of Surgical/bandage safety scissors

4" piece of PVC pipe (2" diameter) - optional

Start with a nude submissive. Depending on the intensity of the mummification, you may want to position her over her final resting place. Position her limbs as you would like her to remain during her internment. It is best to wrap her arms individually then to progress to the rest of her body. This added layer serves as a quality adherent, strengthening the immobilization of the bottom.

Once her limbs are well coated with shrinkwrap (while wrapping, pull the layers tight), begin securing these to her torso by layering plastic across her upper body. Pay attention to the manner in which you apply the plastic to her mid-section, if pulled too tightly, it will have the tendency to roll upward. Make sure all entombment happens evenly and pleasingly to the eye. Again, depending on how extensive the mummification, one may continue to encase the rest of the body.

Only until her entire body is securely imprisoned do i suggest that you move to the head. At this point, the excitement for both you and her is at a height. It is very easy to lose place of the necessity for safety and pragmatism. With the plastic wrap, begin with a layer under her chin, going behind her head, then back around over her eyes. Without fail, pulling a layer of plastic over your submissive's eyes is always an exhilarating achievement. Proceed slowly, making sure to smooth each new layer as tightly to the head as possible. Depending on what design you have for her breathing, it's always important to secure an unquestionable method of airflow for her. It's at this point where one can enlist the PVC piping, but otherwise, ensure that the bottom's mouth (and nose) are completely unobstructed.

By now, the submissive is adequately immobilized. However, as the dominant, this is not enough. We want to encase her more. This is where the duct tape comes into play. Grabbing a roll of tape, pull off a strip about twelve inches long, and tear it from the spool. Apply this across the chest, taking great care in smoothing it to the layer of plastic covering her bound frame. Proceed in this manner, tearing off strips of tape (as opposed to wrapping a continuous ribbon of adhesive). This will secure her to the fullest extent, while also ensuring not to cut off circulation to her limbs and joints, allowing for a longer entombment.

Again, i like to finish with the head. For whatever reason, silencing this part of her anatomy accelerates my excitement. Pay close attention to her breathing and any noises she makes. She is at an incredibly vulnerable position here. It is important that you remain aware of all of her vitals, and if you leave her (which i frequently do), check back often, to make sure her breathing is unobscured, and that she hasn't lost (too much) feeling in her extremities. It's here, at this point, where the safety scissors are crucial.

Now, enjoy your very own mummy.

- While wrapping the submissive, you can take note of her erogenous zones, leaving them exposed, or later cutting through the layers to reveal them to the outside. It is a very efficient way to play with her genitals without her say or input.

- You can add a vibrator underneath the layers, positioning it strategically to stimulate and further disembody the bottom.

Make sure to be careful when cutting the submissive from the folds of plastic and duct tape. Pull the layers away from her skin when cutting with the scissors, making sure none of her flesh gets caught in the blades. Take your time releasing her, as rushing can lead to careless injuries. The worst thing that could happen would be to injure or harm your toy.


doll said...

mmmm, i miss your poetic words. I can still clearly recall my reaction to your first posting on shrink wrapping your girl - absolute horror followed by growing interest and understanding.

Deity said...

that's interesting.


care to offer more on that?