Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Always on

Recently, my girl had fallen ill two separate but closely spaced times. For a young lady whose immune system usually outperforms most customs officials, this was a rarity. Both incidents, she needed considerable amounts of recovery time, which resulted in her unable to attend to the duties she normally fulfills. Personally, i love these infrequent moments where i get to take care of her. She is at her most vulnerable when the nasties are riddling her insides with discomfort.

One might expect that my dominant side gets turned off when my girl is sick, in order to go easy on her and allow her ample energy to recover rather than submit. Unfortunately, i do not have the capacity to turn the urge to dominate off. That would be tantamount to mentally turning off the drive to respire fresh oxygen into my lungs. Domination is not a need, per se, but a component of my life. The same goes for my girl. Her submission is not a cosmetic that gets applied, but the foundation to who she is.

Now this is not to say that i demand, in between hacking coughs, that my girl drop to her knees and perform fellatio. I may be a sadist, but i'm also a gentleman. However, i am stern with her. I give her strict guidelines to the amounts of fluids and medication she needs to ingest, and when these are not followed (which invariably, they never are - her mental faculties are suspect during these bouts) i chide and reprimand her. Just like regular spankings can help guide a submissive - reminding her of her place, helping her feel that comfortable boxed sensation - insisting on discipline to a strict remedy to her ailments also guides her to a recovery.

All of this works quite well when put into application. There are a only a few disturbances that can short circuit it. Recently, one such snafu occurred in the form of a malady hitting both of us at the exact same time.

She awoke feeling crappy on a Sunday morning. I felt a little nauseous, but assumed it was residual effects of the previous evening's social activity. Whatever pathogen she had almost immediately took over her body. The poor girl was in great discomfort, barely able to stand upright, made worse by her having to vomit (which is even more rare than her catching the occasional cold). With as much as she was discharging from her insides, i knew she would need to recapture her fluids, or her symptoms would be exacerbated. As the queasiness in my stomach continued to gurgle on, i bundled up and went outside to go round up some supplies at the corner store. I hadn't walked more than 20 steps on the sidewalk before i felt a sharp pain in my abdomen. I knew instantly, having battled with it a few times before, that what she had and now i was food poisoning. By the time i shuffled myself to the store and back, i could barely hold in all that was fighting to come out.

For the next 14 hours, our bodies went through torment. Aches that made every position we lay in uncomfortable. I knew i needed to continue to consume as many liquids as possible, even though i was shortly sending it back into the city's sewer system. Unfortunately, because i felt like one of Mike Tyson's sparring partners, i could not remain as diligent as i normally would about my girl's own hydration. Her struggle with the food-borne affliction bookended mine, where i was back to normal the following morning, it took her several days to feel her pretty little self again.

At one point during the residual days of her health restoration, i felt an immense desire to take her over my knee. I'd been fighting it for the past two days, and just suddenly gleaned that the moment was right. When i called her into my bureau, she saw me sitting in my big, comfortable chaise, and knew instantly why i summoned her. She sighed vocally, and her shoulders collapsed inward, signalling her resistance to the idea. I held my stare on her face, giving her a clear indication that i had no intention to bend. She offered her compliance in the form of lowering her pajama bottoms and panties, then positioned herself over my legs.

Once i began, i knew this was the exact thing i needed. A sensation of organic creation grew inside of me. I rubbed her flesh, and my somewhat cloudy vision from the days before sharpened as i caught the detail from each ripple of the meat of her buttocks. The weight of her on my lap awakened instincts that had to be supplanted while my body fought the food poisoning, as did the familiar scents that arose from her naked flesh. When i began to swat her ass, i listened to her response, smiling as each shriek slowly produced notes of growing pleasure. When it came time to give her hard smacks to which she counted each out loud, the amount i settled on just materialized in my head. Once administered, she and i both knew it was the proper dosage required.

It gave the sickbed aura a sense of normalcy, indicating that we'd moved past the infirmity. In fact, the next day, my girl declared how much better she felt. And, when i reflected on it, so did i.


mina said...

it is always wonderful to be able to maintain your dominance, even when times may be inappropriate. it was exactly what the 2 of you needed to heal. *smiles*

Mina said...

I love it when my Dom can maintain his dominance even if I am sick. Wonderful.

Anonymous said...

When I start practicing on my poor unsuspecting patients I will have to remember this very useful remedy. How I will suggest it to them is another thing completely.

Not posting as myself today!!!

slave said...

Aah, the gentleeman sadist. I imagine you in a grey morning coat, striped grey pants, and top hat, taking your morning consttitutional by spanking your poor girl’s bottom.

I love how the philosopher takes care of me when I’m sick, which is way too often, given that my immune system waved the white flag a long time ago.. He becomes even stricter about bedtime, gives me a schedule for when I should be drinking tea (with honey, no milk), and in general makes me feel very small, safe, and submissive.

Spanking as a curative for physical ills as well as for upsets of the mind and soul makes a lot of sense to me. While in my teens, I discovered that a session of heavy making out rapidly cleared the mucous from my head. I assume it was the endorphins acting like a giant dose of sudaphed. Definitely something to go in the BDSM Doctor’s Guide to Good Health. Available now at your favorite bookstore and at supermarket check-out lanes everywhere.

sub lyn said...

Don't discount the curative power of fellatio! i was suffering from hacking coughs during my Master's most recent visit, and we quickly discovered that sex - oral or other - was the best way to make me stop coughing. Strange, but true.

Sub Nouveau said...

Being both prone to illness real and imaginary (I'm quite the hypochondriac)I find it utterly romantic of you to take car of your girl while she is sick, and even when you yourself are not feeling well.

Dominants I think are by far the most chivalrous men.

Deity said...

maintaining my dominance is less of an effort as it is to maintaining my humanity in situations where raging like an animal are not called for. that being said, i was surprised, but not shocked, that a little spanking helped kickstart my girl's immune system into action.

why not posting as yourself?

i often do take morning constitutionals (am i that transparent?).

i'd gladly offer my own contribution to the "BDSM Doctor's Guide to Good Health", if only i thought i wouldn't be taken as seriously as i find those resources often are.

sub lyn,
i remember reading your post about fellatio-cum-cough-suppressant. while i enjoy those times where i make her gag and choke on my phallus, i somehow don't think i'd delight in her doing it while fighting back the urge to loosen phlegm in her lungs.

it really is something i treasure, to be able to attend to her, in response to how often she attends to me, when she's sick. it's automatic, without hesitation and fulfilling.

oatmeal girl said...

sorry for having spaced out before and having my post ending up under the name of slave.

maybe i will start compiling the BDSM Doctor’s Guide to Good Health on my own blog - as a cooperative effort. i'm sure we could get a lot of valuable suggestions.

as for your morning constitutional - yes of course, sir, you are remarkably transparent ;-) or maybe it was just wishful thinking. i'd LOVE daily spanking to clear my head!