Monday, February 18, 2008

Different strokes

It may not surprise the reader that i spent a vast amount of time in dramatic theater during my time in middle school, high school and college. I paid my dues both on and back stage, learning the ropes of lighting design, acting, costumes, directing and, my personal favorite, makeup. I poured over the available literature on how to accomplish, for instance, an old age transformation of a girl my age. I'd follow the step-by-step illustrations that showed how to mature her countenance until she resembled an octogenarian matriarch. I became well-acquainted with the magical salve that played a major role in most of these optical illusions:

liquid latex

Needed to create wrinkles? Liquid latex. Needed to smooth the edges of a bald cap? Liquid latex. How about erasing the actor's eyebrows in order to make a more dramatic visual statement? Once again, liquid latex. In fact, it became very clear, that this pungent, demanding munition could be employed to address just about any cosmetic need a production might have. I came to view this wonder material as some invincible merchant for metamorphosis, and secretly, as i scrutinized my staff of student makeup artists, i thrilled at the idea of wielding this tool to manipulate chair-fulls of willing female mannequins.

Years later, an endless internet connection introduced itself into my life, wherein i used this portal to search for any and every erotic appetite i ever possessed. I learned that there were others who sought the application of liquid latex in a sexual manner, sheathing the female form in layer after layer of customized rubberization.

Deviant was easily the most comprehensive site that demonstrated the potential applications of liquid latex as a full body embalming device. Going there again (in addition to seeing how little they have stayed with the times of slick, updated websites), i encounter images that simply poisoned my mind when i first saw them.

Here, for my eyes to feast on, was a girl who's incredible frame was unequivocally transformed into a shiny red rubber doll, wearing an outfit so tight and trim that she literally needed to be painted into it. Deviant actually devoted a good amount of time showing the models tearing the latex off of themselves, as if to say that no substance can contain the wild sexual creature this tight shininess conjures.

I scoured the internet every opportunity i had, to try to find more evidence of other girls succumbing to this desire to encapsulate them in multiple applications of latex. I'd fiddled with my captivation for cocooning the female form, but now i chose to expand my mind by grasping the idea of using her body as a canvass and a target for entrapment, which provided so much raw, visceral pleasure. In my mind, i fantasized about coating the female anatomy, from head to toe in liquid latex, turning them into galvanized capsules of sexual purpose. In application, i discovered this was much more difficult to pull off.

Over time, i would come to collect vats of liquid latex in multiple colors. One thing i learned as i used this supply was that in order to create long-lasting, aesthetically-pleasing liquid latex designs, you needed patience and an inordinate amount of time. This material, when coated over an entire (hairless - i must STRESS- hairless) body, takes several applications in order to build up the durability and attractive thickness. Each layer alone takes 10 minutes to fully dry (with the assistance of a hair dryer) and any decent outfit takes 4-5 layers at the very least. Your model must be patient and willing to endure the procession of strokes from the paintbrush (sponge brushes provide the smoothest and most even application). One of the wonderful properties of liquid latex is that it has a 4-5% shrinkage rate, meaning that the more layers you apply, the tighter it pulls on the flesh of the wearer, creating a remarkable firming sensation.

There is much thrill in slowly coating your submissive in a layer of liquid that dries in a rigid and stern manner. The way it emphasizes but also exposes their natural curves, all the while keeping them firmly trapped between a tactile barrier of latex satisfies so many of my aesthetical pursuits.

I think it has been too long since i employed this manner of entombment.


elle said...

i have never thought of latex as sexy before, but after reading this i might have to re-think my position. ;)

hugs, elle

Deity said...

i assure you if this is enough to get you to rethink your view on latex, i have much much more that would tip the balance.

elle said...

really now? you have my curiosity all riled up. please... do tell. ;)

hugs, elle

Deity said...

if asked nicely (and publicly), i can provide the necessary enticement.

Sub Nouveau said...

deity, the whole latex thing that has always been a curiousity of mine. I think it looks beautiful, but I was always wondering what the appeal of latex was to one who really loves it. Thanks for your insight into the mind of a latex lover.

Also how long can one safely wear liquid latex?

Deity said...

safely? i assume you mean before you get dehydrated from all the sweating, right? or are you referring to toxicity? liquid latex is not toxic when applied to the skin (but is a problem to those with latex allergies).

typically, depending on how many layers you paint, a liquid latex suit can last a few hours. it is not as durable as a garment made from latex sheeting.