Sunday, February 24, 2008

Latex NOT sexy?

How could this be? In a comment to my liquid latex post, elle presented the notion that prior to my discussion about the paintable kind, latex had never appealed to her in a sexy way. I couldn't honestly fathom that. But i gave it more contemplation, eventually coming to the acceptance that for many people, latex must come off as a fringe, freakish material, worn by the most depraved and debauched.

While i agree that the rubbery textile can have its dramatically extreme and bizarre applications (i.e. like this), there are many examples of latex garments where they accomplish a sensuality and eroticism, yet still providing the edge of kink.

I present the following photographic examples of some very famous models and designers in the latex medium in the hopes of altering the opinion of those of you out there who don't find this kind of clothing sexy:

Two favorite Libidex dresses

great schoolgirl outfit from Skin TWO

Ms. Bianca Beauchamp (and Black Widow)

Stunning Syren dress

The gorgeous Rubberdoll

I rest my case.


doll said...

Very shiny, may be you were once, in a previous life, a male Bower bird.

I did like the back view of the black Chinese style dress, very classy.

Anonymous said...

I never really "got" the whole latex, rubber thing until I went to my first fetish ball. I had decided that I wanted to go as a doll. I bought the shanghai seduction dress from skintwo clothing. When it finally arrived, I looked at it, and wasn't really that impressed with how it looked. I figured I had paid for it and it came from England so I wasn't sending it back..I would make it work. I tried the dress on and immediately fell in love. First, as I was pulling the dress over my head, I was surrounded by the smell of rubber and it was oddly intoxicating. And once I managed to squeeze the dress over my breasts and hips, I thought the tightness of it felt like bondage, all over my body. It was all I could do to keep from putting the dress on just because. So the night of the ball rolls around and I am getting changed in a makeshift dressing room. I had bought some polish to make the latex shine and a wonderful lady offered to apply it for me. It was a most sensual experience. And I received many compliments on the dress. I now freely admit having a latex fetish. To all the unititiated, I sugggest giving latex a try. You won't regret it.

Anonymous said...

I think it can be sexy.

Anonymous said...

As with everything, its a matter of personal taste and style. Some of it is slinky/sexy, some is too 'precious' and some just silly.

Doll's comment about the male Bower bird, however, is highly perceptive and funny.

Deity said...

i specifically picked that photo to really show off one of the finest qualities of a latex garment. what the reflectivity does to how the female figure appears to the eye is astounding.

the smell...oh the smell. soooooo intoxicating, especially when mixed with the scents that emanate from a girl who's aroused.

do you own other garments?

why anonymous to say such a simple affirmation?

i had to look up what a male Bower bird was. i agree. it's a funny allusion.

Ashley Pomeroy said...

Latex by itself isn't inherently sexy. The pictures you post are a poor counter-example, because the models are exceptionally good-looking; they would be attractive even if they were covered in rotting fish heads. Instead, they're dressed in expensive custom outfits that have been carefully fitted, buffed to a shine, and professionally photographed. For the average person, who has bought a cheap latex dress from eBay, latex is smelly, fiddly, expensive, and it squashes breasts unless you have implants. Its one of the few materials that looks worse if you lose weight. There are loads of people on e.g. Flickr who post photographs of themselves dressed in latex outfits, and they aren't sexy at all, because they have plain, uninteresting bodies. In summary, latex is only sexy within a very narrow range of parameters.

Deity said...

you missed the point of the post, but i do appreciate your comment.

Anonymous said...

Bianca Beauchamp interview with Bianca Beauchamp