Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A year older

"I don't think i can handle 27 of them this year."

This astounds me to hear. An offering of doubt, of her abilities. I'm simply struck by it.

You see, every year, on the occasion of the anniversary of her birth, my girl receives a swat for every year she's been on this planet. But, the fun doesn't stop there. She also, when my birthday comes around, receives the appropriate number of commemorative strokes on her naked behind. So, to be completely forthcoming regarding her above statement of doubt, she is really speaking about the cumulative spankings.

Frankly, i have no doubts whether or not she can endure this number. When the overall total of spankings she receives in a calendar year are accounted for, those that fall on our birthdays really only make up a small percentage. What i believe her reticence stems from is less the corporal administration and more the other grandiose gestures she's been asked to endure lately.

I think i do far too little acknowledgment of the total growth that she and i have made both individually and collectively. I do not always honor the commitment she makes to regular physical correction, nor do i give myself the credit i should to allow myself the enjoyment of such a remarkable outlet in my life that i'm able to exercise.

She made it through 27 lashes quite beautifully. I can't state with any sufficient amount of affection how proud of her i am for enduring this physical duress. I can only look forward to the time when my own birthday arrives, and once again, i can apply a fine-tuned amount of force on her naked backside.


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to her! (and... *ouch*)


doll said...

It was Master's birthday recently, I'm glad he doesn't have this ritual! Now I am thinking there is something to be said for a woman lying about her age and I am wondering if it is too late to start now, possibly I could take off maybe ten.

Deity said...

she's always grateful to hear such kind wishes (and empathy) from you.

really, though? glad? i think you'd do just fine.