Monday, March 10, 2008

Painting tulips

I play and talk a real mean game here at the barrel house of "TransformHer", but i swear it is not all i think about. In fact, i've been quite, perhaps too "quite", obsessed with the female genitalia (yes, my darlings, more so than i usually am, i swear). In my daily forages through the pornographic material that lands in my 'inbox' (don't tell me you haven't your own kinky computerized courier like i do), i've noticed how much i've been drawn to those photos and videos of girls friggin' their freaky femboxes.

Just recently, via Chelsea Girl's wonderful musings (and contest), i found myself staring slack-jawed and salivatingly at a girl who rubs her ruby rhododendron up and down - repeatedly - against a well-stationed Hitachi wand. Seriously, this is easily the simplest and most erotic thing i could watch.

I've found myself drawn to solitary exhibitions of female auto-eroticism, i've also found a tolerance for multiple females attending to themselves, in a communal but well separated way. I've even been excited to catch the occasional squirting video - God knows why. Well, okay, my pseudonym aside, i do in fact know why.

What excites me about all of this, is the evidence, the documentation and the celebration of the female desire for sex. It's transformative. It can take the most hardened and resolute top executive, and turn her into a hip-humping, Hitachi-loving, horizontal freak. There's nothing biological (on the surface, at least) or scientific about a girl's inclination to masturbate, yet it remains incredibly satisfying. To us men, it makes a statement that through a lot of glorious gyrations say to us "Fellas, you're not alone."

For me, not being alone is a relief. But what's more important is that these beauties take the time to show me (on camera of course) what they do with themselves when they are.


doll said...

This is such a cruel post for me, struggling with restriction yet again. I shall have to take myself away and meditate on virtue.

oatmeal girl said...

you know what i really love?

being able to admit
- that i really love sex
- that i really love to masturbate
- that i think about sex an awful lot
- that i have sexual fantasies that would shock most of my friends (well, i THINK they would... who knows what secrets THEY are hiding...)
- that i can live some of these fantasies
- that i don't have to pretend to be a pure and naive girl who has to be coaxed and conned into having sex (unless i want to)
- and that somewhere in india or england or upstate new york some horny guy is jerking off to the masturbation posts on my blog. i'm such an exhibitionist at heart that THAT idea really turns me on!

it feels so good to be a shameless slut, especially after having been caught masturbating at around age 4 (in bed, at night, in the dark, in private!) and told not to.

because now if i'm told not to, the restriction comes with the thrill of the reminder that i am owned.

and i really really really love being owned...

Deity said...

awwww, poor thing. but i must ask, if enduring a restriction, what were you doing coming to my site? surely you'd find something to torment you.


have you always been a shameless slut, especially with regards to masturbation? or is it something that is an outcropping of your SM experience?