Wednesday, March 19, 2008


When you go home, i want you to, at the exact instant you close the door behind you, drop everything in your possession right there on the floor in the hallway. Your purse, your jacket, your skirt, everything. I want you to stand naked, shivering in the comfort of your own home.

I want you to then move to your bedroom, pull out the tray of implements you keep stored beneath your bed. I want you to slide your feet into the 5" black, patent leather platforms. Pay close attention to the tinny echo of your heels knocking against the hard floor, as you thread a 6 meter length of rope through the side of the bedframe. Pull this rope to the opposite side, leaving a "v" of rope opening towards you.

Then, extend the adjustable spreader bar to the widest length, wrap each cuff around the corresponding ankle, and lock them shut with the small brass padlocks. I want your mind to envision the keys to these locks as they are, suspended in blocks of ice in your freezer.

Position yourself against the mattress, so that your naked backside points outward and upward. Grab the bottle of lube from the tray. I want you to squeeze a liberal amount of slick liquid into your palm. With the other palm, i want you to rub your hand in between your throbbing slit, feeling the increasing moistness. Smear this all over your cunt, in between your legs, along your thighs and against your asshole. Take the hand with the lube, and mix this with your pussy juice, preparing the whole area to be used. Shove one finger at a time into your puckering anal passage, filling that chute with as much moisture as possible.

When you feel that your genitals are well-prepared - to the level you know i would be satisfied - i want you to take ahold of a branch of the extended rope in each hand. Lay the top half of your torso on the bed, making sure to stretch it across the mattress and lift and point your ass up in the air, muscles tensed and firm. Twist the rope around your wrist, manipulating it as i've shown you, binding each of your hands in self-locking knots.

I want you to wait like this. Wait, and think of why you're in this position. Think of what use you serve, what your body serves, splayed like this.

And then, i want you not to make a single sound when you hear me enter.

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oatmeal girl said...

i am, of course, sending this to the philosopher. he knows, of course, that i would do this for him. as i would do anything for him.

but he would have to take a cab from the bus station since obviously i would be in no condition to pick him up.

Mina said...

mmmm i know my part in this.. I am my Master's cunt.. he can take me what ever way he wishes.

KinkeeGurlee said...

Incredibly arousing... I love your writing! I hope you don't mind if I link to your blog!

Deity said...

just make sure you have everything. that part's crucial.

it's always nice when it's that clear, isn't it?

i don't mind at all. more importantly, it means a great deal to hear that you enjoy my words.

oatmeal girl said...

damn. you knew i was going to cheat on those platform shoes, didn't you.

sub lyn said...

So very very hot. Thank you, Deity, for that delightful imagery.

Deity said...

o.g., cheating. none whatsoever.

sub lyn,
you are quite welcome. thank you for your comment.