Monday, March 31, 2008

Milk made

It's quite clear that i'm very enamored with the female creation. I should think it is just as clear that those things that emanate from the female are also very alluring to me (i.e. moans, urine, etc.) Lately, i've been quite quite obsessed with female lactation. I can feel a great deal of energy pooling in the phenomenon's direction.

I don't drink milk myself, so i'm not drawn to consuming the mammary output. In fact, the idea of putting my lips over a girl's heaving, milk-addled tits and drawing liquid from them doesn't offer me all that much stimulation. I have three very distinct, ever-increasingly degrading levels of interest surrounding a female's milk. I will refer to them, in ever more intense gradients, as the Skim, 2% and Whole milk tiers.

Skim milk

What i yearn to see, what is evident throughout the cloud of tangerine terms to the right, comes in the form of erotic auto-operation. I want to see the swollen-boobed maiden wrapping her hands around her tit and squeezing it, milking it, until a fine stream of alabaster liquid shoots from her erect nipple. As she gets into a rhythm, her palms mashing down on the meat of her breast, i find myself mentally directing her to aim the nozzle up into her mouth, struggling to catch every drop, in the hopes of not wasting a single savory morsel. To me, this is a purely feminine form of ejaculation. Yes, there are girls who "come" or squirt, but that is similar in geography and method to the boy version. However, the propulsion of lactose from an already highly-regarded, and female-specific area serves as an exclamation point to a feverishly aroused state.

In this stunning Shirow Masamune illustration, we see our highly sexualized cow girl literally orgasmic from the outpouring of calcified fluid. Those "guns" are at attention, and shooting endless rounds at will.

2% milk

What the previous tier presupposes is that the girl at the center of the pornography currently produces her own milk product. What if you have a girl who has not recently been or is not currently pregnant, and yet you feel the urge to recreate this sprinkler display? All one needs is a natural amount of sadism and a healthy dose of either domperidone or fenugreek. Coupled with a regular schedule of mechanical breast-pump application, and you can induce lactation in any mature female.

Immediately, even i have to take a pause at this idea. This is some very intense body modification, altering a female's frame to serve a completely different, albeit natural, profane purpose. The idea of a girl submitting to this is at the peak of erotic ideas for me. The reasons for why this is so incredibly impressive to me may not be immediately clear. That is most likely because i know what this leads to. As an intense sadist, i've already played out in my head the applications of this discovery, and in some offset ways experienced them. But because i have an unquenchable hunger, i push the possibilities further, to the next tier.

Whole milk

Which comes first:

the need to pump your tits to drain them of your milk or the need to pump your tits to encourage the production of milk?

There is no doubt in my mind that the Creator has a sadistic sensibility, i otherwise cannot explain the devilish convenience that comes with induced lactation. The process one must follow to trick the female body into creating milk (hormones/herbal supplements + regular mechanical pumping) is the very method one must employ once the first gush of creamy ejection occurs to maintain this state. A girl whose tits have been turned into milk factories must regularly pump in order to drain her milk bags - otherwise they fill with liquid and become swollen and quite painful. She has no choice but to give into the signals her body gives, sucking the milk out of her bosom, which only in turn sends a message to the dairy factories that more formula is needed. It's a vicious and gloriously evil cycle. What it amounts to is the transformation of a girl into a human cow. I have given many thoughts and even commands regarding what should be done with this cow juice, and yet the darkness of this fantasy never ceases to shock or excite.

When i first saw a clip of a bound girl attached to an industrial-grade milking machine, the horror and fascination tilted my cognition immediately towards the highly aroused level. I have since, after collecting well over 40 different such scenes, made it an immediate "drop what i'm doing" ultimatum whenever i've encountered another depiction of a poor submissive hooked up to a mindless vacuum machine sucking with a vengeance onto her dangling udders, slowly turning her into a helpless and writhing bovine.


KinkeeGurlee said...

Definitely arousing....

Thursday's Child said...

This is one of D's darker fantasies, and one that absolutely terrifies me, mainly for the reasons you've described in the third be made into such a slave to my own body. This is a post that both frightens and arouses me, and one that D will greatly enjoy scaring me with...

Anonymous said...

As Thursdays comment above says, I find this to be a highly erotic fantasy of mine. I think the fact that once started, forced lactation forces the woman to repeat the milking whether they want it or not. They become a slave to the process. Definitely has possibilities . . .

Anonymous said...

As a mother who breast fed (Deity I am breathing pretty rarified air on your blog I suspect) I noticed with my son that the experience of his sucking on my breast caused me to orgasm throughout the session. Imagine this happening 4 to 6 times a day! Upon reflection I now realize that when he refused my breast at 10 months of age, it was a loss for me in more ways than one.


Eliot said...

First time commenter...

I've always been put off by the idea of forced lactation, but you aroused me with this: "...a poor submissive hooked up to a mindless vacuum machine sucking with a vengeance onto her dangling udders, slowly turning her into a helpless and writhing bovine."

Deity said...

incredibly so.

you'll have to let me know how or if it was wielded against you.

If you'd like, drop me a line and i can walk you through some of the beginning steps.

i have to say i was struck with surprise when your gender was revealed as female. the name doesn't really hint at that so immediately.

a girl can always produce milk, never too late to do it again. if just to produce some for your morning coffee/tea.

thank you so much for your comment. what about that statement was particularly striking?

Eliot said...

While the whole statement is appealing, I'd have to say that the words 'helpless' and 'writhing' were key to my arousal. They are trigger words in my submission.

Anonymous said...

Deity: I admit that the name was intended to confuse. When I first delurked it seemed an additional anonymity, but I'm over that now.
Thinking back to some of my comments you must have been so confused, poor lad. My apologies.

Anonymous said...

my owner has hinted at this once or twice, i think just to scare me. it makes me feel nothing but uncomfortable! (except for that little itch of arousal that comes from the idea that he should aspire to play out any fantasy at all upon helplessly available me.) reading your descriptions was kind of a surreal exercise in self-induced squirming. hopefully not in preparation for reality. i can't exactly thank you for this, but i did want to let you know that i was affected.

Dahlia Rose said...

I meant to comment on this earlier, but it seems that I didn't. This is a topic that caught my attention a couple months ago. I've looked into the subject some and it interests me. I'm not quite sure why it interests me yet.

I wouldn't take it up to satisfy my own curiosity for reasons covered in your third tier. It's a lot of effort and fuss to go through just because. I think I'd do it if my partner asked me to. Though, perhaps I only say that because he has no interest in the subject, as far as I know.

Deity said...

i hadn't gathered there was an impuning amount of submission with you. i'm glad to learn that there is. i hope you continue to find something worthwhile in these pages.

round these parts, there are consequences for misrepresentations and purposeful misleading. i hope you come prepared...

i won't exactly take your thank you, but will offer you (and more importantly your owners) the incentive to inquire further with me how one might induce said infliction.

darling, whatever i can do to take what has aroused your attention to full on action on your part, you make sure you'll let me know.

Eliot said...

Oh, I've found many things worthwhile in your pages, Deity. It's why I've been reading you for months now and keep coming back.

Anonymous said...

I am intensely curious regarding the photo if the two cowgirls and where you found it...are there more?

I am fascinated with non-human transformation. I've re-created Mannings' ponygirls with my own girl as well as making a seahorse and a swan(also Manning-inspired)

Right now I'm working on a cat and a reindeer(for Christmas)

Additionally, working in makeup and f/x has made me interested in some more extreme ideas and those cows are inspirational


Deity said...

Unfortunately, it's the only one that has crossed my path. I wished i had more to share.

I too am fascinated with non-human transformations. I speak about it some here.

Thank you for pointing out Mannings' work. I hadn't looked at it in a long while. Some very stunning material.

Anonymous said...

Ah well, c'est la vie.

I spoke briefly with Manning a while back about the idea of filming a live action Spider Garden. He liked the idea, but thought that it wasn't feasible at this time.

I've been giving serious thought to creating a live action interactive Spider Gardenesque scenario to use as a party at a fetish con

Anonymous said...

I cant believe someone actually understands this! I was induced 9 months ago and I can't stop lactating Milk every other day, even if only drops! and swollen tits and huge nipples also! My only problem is that I have no one to milk me!!!

sub cow said...

I started induced lactation after injections and oral supplements including those for dairy cattle. I'm not sure if this was safe but my master was happy to go ahead with it. I increased from 34B to
38D within 10 days and the milk began to flow. Has anyone else any experience of this form of inducing lactation? I love this post as I cannot survive without being pumped or suckled on a daily basis. I gladly modfied my body in what appears to be a permanent manner, for my master. Unfortunately we were parted by emmigration and recession! I have never tried some of the agricultural milking machines but would love to! I can travel to the UK if anyone has a goat milker they'ed like to see on human teats?

Kiky said...

Just stumbled over this blog because of the specific topic...I know it's a few years down the line, but that doesn't stop your post from having its effect on me. Well, this is in fact a recurring fantasy for me. Compliments for both your style of writing and choice of topic(s).
Love it.


Anonymous said...

I'm a 34yr old female who loves the idea of an ANR. I fantasize about lactating and being able to suckle a man. I am submissive my nature and love to give so this is a natural progression for me. Unfortunately I am not confident enough to tell my partner for fear of rejection.

Deity said...

Thank you for your comment. Does your partner even know your submissive side? Have you broached the subject of lactation? Always start slow, and go gradually further and further. There's no need for you not to be able to express yourself. There is nothing to be ashamed of.

Anonymous said...

I so want to be 'forced into lactation' and be a milk cow how can I go about this??? The urge is getting worse with every moment that passes I have never had children!!!

Kitten said...

Thank you for your words of advice. We have since split up. I hope that one day I will get to share this fantasy/way of life with a man. The idea of changing my body for his needs is so incredibly erotic. And having to be milked to keep the flow is such a huge turn on.

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