Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Erectile malfunction

When does the spanking become punitive? When does it cease to serve as pure pleasure? These are questions that i ponder only after i've put away the shackles, the rope, the cane and the cuffs. One dramatic indicator has provided clarity to the question, yet not in the typical ways we might expect.

The male erection, a safe barometer of one member's arousal, has indicated for centuries when a man has enjoyed a particular spectacle he's witnessed. I have no problems launching the flagship of my sexual fleet, but it begs repeating that there are times when my dick isn't the central focus of my sadistic extracurricular activities.

When i first position her so that her backside is pointed my direction, the bulb of her ass lobbed up towards me, i can already feel the rush of fresh blood to my groin. Once i begin swatting the flesh of her ass, my penis has fully engorged, throbbing into the air as if to ask for some of this heat generated mere inches from it. With careful study, i can maintain this erection by abiding the cadence against her skin already established. Stray from it even slightly, as i am often wont to do when overcome with a hunger to really, just, without hesitation, inflict pain, and the formerly blood-engorged cock inexplicably begins to grow flaccid.

It's at this point, coital thoughts leave my mind, and all i want to do is see streaks of sanguine violet scorched across the canvass of her buttocks. Her cries elicit little sympathy from me, the twists of her body away from the waiting implement in my hand do nothing to turn my focus from the bludgeoning. I've bottled up the day's frustrations, the week's letdowns, the season's confounding mysteries, only to release them upon this gorgeous girly roundness held tensely and uncertainly aloft before me.

Sometimes, the evidence of my arousal returns. Other times, i needn't display a calling card to show how stimulated i am.


Mina said...

I love it when I can look back at Sylvanus after he has beaten me and see his erect cock... just love it!

doll said...

So often I see written that statement that BDSM isn't about sex. Times like these illustrate that point. When you move beyond the sexual response you are fulfilling a much deeper need, the need to inflict pain. Something much harder to achieve, requiring a willing participant who will endure for you.

I appreciate you writing this, it is so easy to link the dominants satisfaction with a visible signal like an erection and to feel discomforted when it's not present.

sub lyn said...

i found this a really interesting post. i've been thinking lately about the connections and non-connections between dominance and sadism, and this was an interesting input into that.

Deity said...

that will never cease to entice to hear that a girl loves to elicit an erection through the punishment of her flesh.

SM for me isn't about sex. it really isn't. if i wanted to have sex with my girl, i could and do do it fairly easily without any SM involved.

there are times where i must commune with a higher, more forceful power.

sub lyn,
would love to hear more about your thoughts on those connections. did i state anything that sounded like anything you had encountered in your quest?