Tuesday, January 22, 2008


I rolled up the rug in my den, putting it to the side. I then pulled out an old plastic tarp, spreading that across the floor. I weighed the thick black plastic sheet down with a rim of different-sized candles, lighting each one until a wavering glow danced along the walls of my dark bureau. Standing up, i lit the big, white soy-wax candle that sat on my side table, saving it for last. I then opened the double French doors that lead from my chamber into the bedroom. I lifted up the bag of rope from the side of the bed and returned to my den. Anchoring two six meter-lengths to the now exposed lower hinges of both the right and left door, i pulled the working ends onto the tarp, laying them there amidst the flickering ballet. I retrieved my adjustable steel spreader bar, positioning that on the other end of the plastic, furthest from the open doors. I studied the layout strewn about my feet, considering any last minute alterations. Satisfied, i picked up a black, satin blindfold, and walked into the living room.

She was sitting on the couch, like i had told her: blanket drawn over her completely naked flesh. I stepped behind her, draping the silky, ebony cloth over her eyes, and fastened it in back with a simple knot. I requested her hand, aiding her as she rose up from the sofa, then guided her along the hallway to my predisposed bureau. Her hand felt warm in mine, despite the minuscule tremble that broadcast through our embrace.

I brought her onto the tarp, then lay her down, orienting her head towards the open entrance to the bedroom. I securely bound each of her wrists, wrapping the attending rope slowly around her slim limbs. I made sure her body was situated so that her arms were pulled far above her head along the floor. I then focused on her ankles, shackling them into the cuffs of the leg spreader, securing each with their own individual brass padlock. Stringing a nine meter line to the anchoring post just beneath her feet, i pulled her body taut, stretching her anatomy across the black plastic.

Erecting myself, i moved to the stereo and pushed play. The sounds of Johann Sebastian Bach's solo cello concertos bellowed into the room. The music wove into the shimmering light like a night wind.

I moved myself into a stance that straddled her, both legs on either side of her abdominal area. I reached down and brushed my hands across her nude form, letting the contours of her curves guide my epidermic exploration. I loved the thin resistance between her skin and my fingertips, letting them read her corporal narrative. Standing erect again, i grabbed the large white candle, and blew the flame out with a quick puff.

Tilting the fragrant white column back and forth, swirling the hot wax around, i scanned her body for the first drop zone. Her thighs? Her clenched belly? The opening folds to her hairless cunt? Her ruddy nipples reached up to me with their taut and erect extensions, campaigning for my attention. I relented.

I aimed the first blow upon her left nipple, carefully tipping the candle over so that only a stream of liquid splashed on her sensitive buds. She bolted upright, shoving her gut into the air while yanking on the binding contraptions on her limbs. I waited. I let the sudden transaction of air sucking in and out of her lungs pass, as she prepared her body for the next blow to come. Instead of aiming for her other nipple, like she expected, i kept my focus on her southpaw aureole in order to toss in some additional uncertainty. I continued painting her body with rivulets of milky wax, using the remaining liquid.

Exhausting the last of my arsenal, i exited the room, retiring to the kitchen to fetch my next implement. I grabbed my 13" fillet knife, then made a hasty return to my bureau. She lay there, spackled with an armor of chalky lattice work that sat on top of her provocatively crimson skin. I scraped the sharp tip of the knife along her static thigh, watching her face process the identity of the item sliding along her leg. Then, carefully, i flicked off the rigid waxy assailant that clung to her flesh, following the same map of her contours i'd traced earlier.

I grabbed her hands and held tightly to them as i undid the knots of the imprisoning ropes. I then produced the keys to the locks fastening the shackles, granting her ankles freedom. Next came the blindfold, which i swiftly whipped off her face, introducing her shuttered eyes to the symphony of flame around her. I reached my hand towards the floor and lifted her up, embracing her body, pulling every last inch of her into me.

I held her for a moment, allowing this silent expression to occupy the flickering spotlight.

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