Monday, January 7, 2008

A convenient side effect

you order her coffee...because you're a gentleman, and because you're controlling the scenario;

you buy her a pair of impromptu stockings...because you like to treat her to a surprise gift, and because you are reinforcing the dress code you've mandated;

you hold the door open for her...because "ladies go first", and because you like to reduce the amount of autonomous actions she takes;

you compliment her on her heels...because she glows when she gets praise, and because you want to engineer a desire in her to wear heels more frequently;

you kiss her neck...because she's very sensitive at this spot, causing her to shiver, and because by avoiding her mouth, you are treating her like an object;

you tighten her corset...because it makes her look beautiful, and because you enjoy her restriction;

you brush her hair...because she sinks into a pleasurable purr when stroked, and because she fits the role of a doll;

you intervene when someone insults her...because her honor is your greatest concern, and because you want to accentuate her fragility;

you proudly show off photographs of her...because she enjoys hearing of the attention, and because these people are only seeing her in a two-dimensional way;

you give her little tush a swat as she passes by...because it excites her as well as stimulates her, and because you are further indicating to her that she is owned;

you forcefully point out that she needs to stop criticizing herself...because it will short circuit her impulse to over-analyze, and because she requires the authority of a boss.

you bind her body in rope...because the respite from any movement frees her mind and soul, and because you know you must trap, confine and capture her.

you gingerly rub your thumb across her rectum as you finger her...because the dual sensations are double her pleasure, and because you are showing her new ways to think of her anal passage.

you bring her to a climax...because she deserves the solitary attention, and because it came from your hands, your delivery.

you tell her how much she means to you...because she needs to hear that she matters, and because she fulfills so many of your needs.


sub lyn said...

Yes, exactly. Lovely post. Every action and interaction in D/s can have so many different levels of meaning. Context is everything.

elle said...

well put.

jayne said...

This is like poetry, so romantic.

{milla} said...

It's very nice to hear what your girl means to you. You are both lucky :)

milla xx

Kaz said...

A well reasoned and lovely post. Of such seeming contradictions is an interesting and fulfilling life made and enjoyed.

Deity said...

sub lyn,
what struck me about this one was that a very thin line exists between the power structures in place. move in one direction, and the hierarchy shifts. i love that fragile balance.

i've really enjoyed your recent gilded posts. i look forward to reading more of them.

why thank you, doll.

you do me honor referring to it as poetry.

i'm glad to hear it is still of some interest to hear about it.

these very contradiction are what early on in my life i let derail many of my intimate relationships.

Anonymous said...

I love how this is written. Just love it. You captured very eloquently the essence of a D/s relationship. I'm looking very forward to reading more from you.

Deity said...

as much as i dabble and dally in SM i never feel like (especially when i look at the myriad content put out by my fellow kinky journaler) i have a firm grasp on anything i'd call essence. it's nice to hear that others may disagree with that.

Anonymous said...