Wednesday, January 16, 2008


You sit immobilized, surrounded by absolute shadow. This is the kind of pitch darkness that weighs heavy, where even black is absent. Your arms are bound behind your back, but you don't know exactly how because you can't see a thing. You can't move your arms, but more importantly, you don't want to - out of fear. You see nothing. Light ceases to exist for the time being, which makes the "time being" feel eternally long. You sense, almost hear, something, someone near you. A few feet away.

"Hello?" you call out.

The space occupied by the sound of your words vanishes, sucked into the darkness. As quickly as you muttered that question, a rush comes, collapsing on you, hands pulling on your face, shoving, pushing. They abandon you, having shoved a thick gag into your mouth. You fight the urge to call out, to groan through the solid obstruction forcing your jaw open. Slobber, evidence of your increased duress builds around the orb between your lips, drawing an unseen trail that hangs from your chin. You jerk in reaction to a droplet of saliva splashing against the flesh of your thigh. Having not thought about it before this, you realize you are completely naked. Your sputtery breath rattles into the air. You try to hold as still as you can, but not being able to focus on anything with your eyes makes that incredibly hard.

You hear the presence of the voice just instants before it speaks.

"I control what you see. I control how you see. I give and take away any sight you may have. You exist through my will and desire."

The voice steps closer to you, and suddenly, you feel the frigid cold lifelessness of a thin metal edge pressed against the underside of your chin. Involuntarily, you gulp a swollen swallow.

"Shhhhh..." The voice strikes something against the object held to your neck, exploding the head of a match. The sudden burst of light burns your eyes. You squint them closed, shielding them from the piercing brightness. You open them back up slowly, and as you do, the voice pulls the implement away from your throat, showing you a long knife, illuminated by the flickering flame. Just as you size up the blade, the voice extinguishes the match. You hear the sound of steps backward.

The darkness feels more stark, contrasted against the brilliant fiery light. The vacuum feels like it's right on top of you, pressing against you, pushing into every bend and crease of your body.

You can tell the voice has left, despite not hearing any exit. You await quiet and still, nonetheless. You don't need the voice there to know you are not alone. You don't need to see to know you are aroused.

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jayne said...

So clever of you to play with us. Innocence followed by devilment.

Deity said...

you saw innocence?'ll have to point out where.

there certainly was a devilish intent, however.