Thursday, January 10, 2008

How we encounter

My personality type is one that requires structure in order to remain focused, interested and motivated in any endeavor. Otherwise, i'm liable to wander off to another ill-advised furlough, leaving behind the unkempt barracks of my imagination. This here site is not immune to these needs, and i can feel the encroaching disenchantment with its relatively static digital footprint take hold of me. In order to avail the malodorous ennui, i know i need to produce an assignment for myself. Rather than clumsily stroll through a pedestrian post about some nuance of my kinky life, i've honed in on a theme. After much thought and introspection, i've settled on a subject that encompasses all of our perceptive skills and talents.

In a series of posts, i've chosen to tackle the subject of our five senses. Each sensation will receive its own, individual focus. Some of this attention will take the form of explicit ruminations on how these quintuple components of our nervous system serve my sexual appetites, whereas others will simply pontificate on an anecdotal exhibition of our sensory experience.

I offer my gratitude in advance to those readers who hear me out as i work through this self-imposed cranial boot camp. Trust me, i'll be a much better erotic servant once i get this out of my system.

Without any forethought, i provide the following arbitrary order of my upcoming thesis:



jayne said...

I admire your abilty to bring deep thought to the subjects of your postings. I have no doubt that as you wind your way through the five senses you will bring us to a greater appreciation of them and highten our own enjoyment of the aromas, sights, tastes, sounds and sensations as we experience them.

Ani said...

I'm quite looking forward to reading your singular take on the senses, especially sound and smell, being such fertile grounds for exploration.