Sunday, November 18, 2007

Happy Spanksgiving

I'm grateful for many things that i've encountered since i first dropped the initial sentences in the url I've met many great people who have visited my hovel, received an assortment of enlightening feedback, and expanded my own frontiers through the process of sharing my thoughts on my sexuality. I'll be traveling the entire week of Thanksgiving, and as a result will be out of touch with the three bits of enjoyment i mentioned above.

In the spirit of the season, i'll leave the reader with a list of links i take particular pride in but most importantly, instances that i'm very appreciative for because i have such an outlet in my life. Without further ado, i give spanks for the following posts:

Whereupon she says she needs it
I'm a generous and charitable man. When she pleads, i provide.

Those fleshy mounds are meant for something, no?
I look for a canvass where i can paint my customized mark upon flesh.

An outlet for my internal hypertension

I should fill out an application for canonization. She deserves it.

The few square inches this part of the female anatomy occupies does not hold up to my obsession with it

And how could it? No one could satisfy these kind of demands...or could they?

A simple correction
I expel my transgressions over a knee, and see if we can't arrive at some sort of compromise.

Happy Thanksgiving to my US readers, and a pleasant week to those in other regions.

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oatmeal girl said...

it's a special treat to have a day for giving thanks arrive when one does feel that there is a lot to be thankful for. i feel at peace in a way i never have before - from a confluence of circumstances, i am sure, but opening myself to my submission and revelling in it has certainly had a lot to do with it.

so thanks go to you for forcing my mind open, for scaring me, for pushing the limits of my imagination. and thanks to the rest of the on-line bdsm community which has provided sign-posts for the journey i am sharing with the man who owns and loves me.

now if only i could tell my parents that what i really want for Chanukah is a corset...