Sunday, September 16, 2007


"Are you sure you're not gay?"

I've heard this in several iterations over the years. In fact, the number one most common misconception that people have when meeting me is that i'm homosexual. Yes, i'm that pretty.


Plus, i'm not the most imposing of physical presences. I'm not going to go on record saying that i don't meet the minimum size requirement to ride the roller coasters at the fair, but i will say that sometimes i'm the tallest person on the subway, and sometimes i'm not. Not to mention i notice the tiniest details, especially those that refer to a female's decorum. Should a girl in my office get a trim or even change their hair tint just a slight amount, i'll notice and make a comment. There are other things that pop up, as well. I'm not a guy's guy. I don't enjoy football, or for that matter, usually other men. In fact, if you counted, the ratio of females to males in my appointment book would easily be 8 to 1. So, when i do have to relate to a room full of XY's, i find myself bored, antagonistic, disconnected. I'm proud to say i prefer the company of females, for most occasions.

But, even these superficial generalizations (not to mention the glaringly obvious lack of interest in another man's cock) are not as tough to take as the one i've received from the girl's i've been intimate with. Men like to term themselves as being loyal to one camp that adopts a part of the female anatomy as their official mascot. They like to declare that they are "tits" men, or "ass" men, or "minimal cuticle" men (not sure how many devotees there are of the latter). I've never been able to pick one feature and rally behind it as my absolute favorite. If pressed, i would have to say that i'm a:

"calf-ass-tit-lips-fingers-thighs-smalloftheback-hair-eyelashes-neck-cunt-toes-voice" man.

Couldn't do without any of them. I'm a full-fledged, dues paying member of the "official fan club of the female gender", and as much as i get a thrill from objectifying my submissive in our play, i consider the sum of the whole a true gift to this planet.

I make this clear to any girl i've been with; be it through outward proclamations or actions that demonstrate my adulation. Yet, the number of times my fascination with the female ass and what i want to do with it that has led to the gal in my life to mention her concern that i'm homosexual is astonishing. Yes, i'm quite sure i'm not gay. I just happen to, well, let me try to detail, what it is exactly i want to do to the female ass.

I have an instant desire to slap a girl's ass. I won't pretend to get overtly academic and uncover the root psychological reason why that is. If the lass is pointing her well-rounded ass in my general direction, i find my hand cupping the air, quickly identifying the impact zone on the hostile rump. My internal demon likes the physical sensation of the slap, the heat that follows, and the devastating feminine myew that punctuates the act. I, of course, recognize the socially off-limits qualities of this part of the feminine anatomy. I subscribe to the notion that it is the equally shared belief that anything "ass" should not be discussed, let alone indulged, which has led to so much profound accomplishment and intimacy when i've focused my passion on this area. That leads me to my second interest.

I've long believed that the quickest and most profound way to acquire a girl's submission is through her ass. The very few times i've indulged in long-distance dominance, i have found myself turning to the buttplug as a trusty tool to impart my presence in a girl's journey into deep submission. But, i don't require the excuse of distance separating me from the girl to indulge in what i term "anal training". Whether it is by virtue that the girls i am attracted to have an affinity for back-door attention, or that i'm rather persuasive in my insistence of this form of sexual play, they grow very attached to the buttplug.

I embark on a quest to retrain the girl's ass. To teach it and her it's new purpose. The minute i begin to see the girl accept this new role, i walk trepiditiously because i know i can lose grip very quickly and let the full throttle of my inner rectal demon trounce all over me. I am taking ownership of a physical attribute that has for years been the focal point of her humiliation and disgust, imbibing it with my sexual arousal that comes from the girl finding pleasure in transforming it, with the goal that it supplants her cunt as the place where she believes she should be fucked. How could one impress deeper submissive values than to guide a girl to gradually accept that her ass is where she should provide and receive sexual attention?

Does this make me gay? I think that a strong reason that so many females have worried that i was when i pressed anal matters so much came from the fact that they wanted to believe that it was my obsession with this area, and not their own, which brought us to this transaction.


Anonymous said...

so interesting... i never thought of attributing a man's interest in anal sex to dormant homosexual tendencies. i actually can't imagine why anyone would, to tell you the truth. i think of it as a very masculine desire, to take a woman in that way. it's a little bit taboo and it's challenging for many women and it just drips of dominance.

it's so odd to me... just if you put the puzzle pieces together from the opposite direction, the implication is that gay men like other men because they prefer the feel of anal sex to vaginal sex. i doubt that most gay men would describe their desires to be reduced to anything like that.

doll said...

Yes this resonates with me. I was always concerned by my husband's obsession with my ass. But perhaps I should have paid more attention to myself and the strength of feeling generated in me by his attention.

milla said...

The whole assfucking thing is one of heterosexual humanity's more bizarre desires I often think. So why the hell does it feel so amazing for both parties and make me so wet as i sit here ;)

Ah, humans.

Young Lady said...

I do agree: the bottom is the quickest key to submission (among other things).

I find the dual aspects, or uses, of the ass to be quite a turn-on due to the need for deciphering or attraction to the "unnatural".

It feels like eating the same egg salad sanwich daily and then, suddenly and spontaneously grabbing a slice of pizza. Quite an unexpected thrill.


littlegirl said...

i would agree that a man's 'interest bordering on obsession' with a girl's ass does not say gay to me. on the contrary, it indicates he's someone i would want to get to know better.

it is not without a slight blush and a shake of my head that i'll admit that i really am an 'anal girl.' how far i've come from the days when i used to dream about someone "making me do that."

not that i don't still dream of that, just that i've finally come to the place where, in semi-anonymous circles, i'm OK with admitting that i want/need/love to include my ass in my sex life.

so i'm glad, infinitely glad, that men like you are not gay. otherwise, what would a girl like me do with herself?

Deity said...

it's happened enough for me to pause and consider their concern. of course, i've concluded that my fascination is specifically with the FEMALE ass.

why were you concerned? i'm curious.

i'm not sure, if i strip away the social taboos, why ass fucking is more bizarre than masturbation or blowjobs. is it really more bizarre than those?

young lady,
you do me honor to comment on my page. welcome.

instead of using pizza as a euphemism for anal sex, i think i would've preferred you nominated a canoli for the role. i think i would enjoy screwing a canoli much more than i would a slice of pie.

do you think that your acceptance/enjoyment of this obsession comes from a comfort level with your own anal stimulation? in my experience, most of the girls who've offered this concern have done so because they themselves have never had any (positive) experience in that area.

by the way, that's a rather big girl thing to admit about oneself.