Thursday, August 5, 2010

This mask

There is this mask.

This mask.

This one.

This mask that i put on her.

And she disappears.



I produce it out of our toy chest, and she accepts its application.

It is baby pink - because i know what effect that color has on her.

I relish the slow closing of the long zipper, sealing her inside.

I don't need to do anything. Suddenly, Barbie emerges.

My dolly. My fucktoy. My slutty lil thing cums out.

I cannot express how thrilled i am with her emergence. It not only fulfills me. It imprints on me a permanent impression of joy, peace and intense pleasure.

I feel its influence. I feel its strength. I feel its power.






goodgirl said...

Deity, Sir
Your words are haunting.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful mask, and beautiful words. A real pleasure to hear it from the opposite side of the fence.

Vesta said...

Deity, dear: I can feel the energy launching off the page and I am delighted to hear you so aroused and satisfied.

And, my birthday is not that far away so I've sent the link on. You never know...

nancy said...

Beautiful.. just beautiful!

Deity said...

i suspect you had some vivid visuals while reading this, especially involving the color pink.

shape shifter,
as it is a pleasure to read the objectification from your perspective. i was thrilled when i found your site.

my sincere hopes that you receive such a diabolical trinket for your birthday.

thank you, darlin. i don't have much to do with the creation of 'Barbie', just sit back and enjoy the rewards.