Wednesday, September 23, 2009

A complete dick

I think with my dick. That's what I'm told. That's what is expressed to me countless times, over and over.

"Stop thinking with your dick."

What exactly does this mean? I know what they intend it to mean when they say it. Stop allowing your phallus to influence or overpower your decisions. But, it's ignorant to expect a man to not give great deference to a part of his anatomy that has caused so much of his life. From an early age, males, whether they are gay or straight develop a very private relationship with their penis. Some will end up sharing a portion of this relationship with others, some will keep it in complete isolation from everyone. However the male decides to handle this, this appendage remains at the very center of their self, and cannot be easily extricated or ignored.

In order for this to be an accurate statement, i think it should be rephrased as:

"Stop thinking with and about your dick."

I'm not sure when i first thought of my penis as a dick (a sexual unit), and i'm not sure i've quite come to think of it as a cock (either as a word or as the trashy term used in erotica/porn). I do know, however, that i spend a great deal of time thinking about it in some fashion. Sometimes i try to remember what it was like before this fleshy handful transformed into a weapon of mass insemination. It's odd to me that i've had only two or three conversations with other (straight) men about our penises, when i'm certain we'd have plenty to say. For the most part, it is seen as homosexual-esque if you were to engage in a discussion about your genitals, and most men will feign complete revulsion at the topic - which i don't get because i find the topic ENDLESSLY fascinating (of course these same men will prattle on and on about bowel movements and their flatulence).

I enjoy a good meal. I feel rejuvenated when i get to spend time outdoors being active. I would even say that music provides me with tremendous amount of stimulation. But without hyperbole, none of this compares to attention paid to my penis. I adore - ADORE - masturbation and sex (and they are separate but equally thrilling activities). In a typical day, i will handle my penis on average of about an hour, whether it is just a quick rub/check-in/adjustment, or if i'm pulling it completely out of my pants and giving it my full attention. I think about it when i'm sitting in my office chair, when i'm on the train holding onto a pole, or when i reach into my pocket to fetch my wallet. It doesn't take much to cause an erection. A certain smell. The sound of a pair of heels clicking on the sidewalk. Even something as simple as a brief embrace from my girl.

Frankly, i've had more worthwhile and meaningful experiences when i've given every little ounce of my energy and thought to my penis. When i channel all of me towards and through it, such tremendous liberation and freedom overwhelms me, i couldn't imagine it never being a major player in my decisions.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting post. I think females, including myself, have a tendency to throw that particular saying around quite a bit - particularly when we are unhappy with a male partner. I suppose I never thought about the real relationship a man has with his penis. I feel as though women don't have exactly the same sort of relationship with their vaginas. We have intimate relationships with our genitals too, but because of its location and the way in which everything is somewhat tucked inside, it seems to be less of our center of being than it would be for a man.

It's refreshing to hear a man elaborate about such a topic. Thanks.


Destructicon said...

Don't worry, its only when you hear the 'voice' of your penis in your head that you should begin to question the amount of influence it has on your decisions...

"Give me sex."
-not now-


Anonymous said...

this is a very well written look into the male perspective. i find that this is one of those subjects that we, as females, are in inadequately equipped to understand. thus, maybe we unfairly judge the male's relationship with his penis, and not give it the credit / place / respect it may deserve, as an integral part of the male psyche.
thank you for this insight.


Anonymous said...

I have never considered the relationship men have with their penis quite that way. Perhaps for women we don't appreciate the complete scope of the connection because ours attention is split between our breasts, that we can see and our erotic zone, which we cannot see. CD

Deity said...

I could've elaborated more, but i believe it would've started to only remain interesting to me. Yes, this is how much i think about my penis.

Strangely, i've never given a voice to those desires. They always just seemed part of me. Albeit a part, early on, that i tried my best to squelch.

you're most welcome. but, don't just take my word as the authority. since no other males (besides Destructo) chimed in, i could be completely off. Who knows.

I also think it has to do with the fact that we're constantly handling ours from an early age because it is also our primary liquid waste management tool.

Richard said...

One should always think with one's dick - it's wonderfully direct and honest.