Thursday, November 20, 2008

The third person

It all starts with words. To be more precise, it starts with the reduction of them. I slowly remove certain words from my manner of speech, she responds, following my cue. Her tongue takes to the incision, and suddenly those bits of her vocabulary are off-limits. I strip her of more verbiage, just like i strip her of her clothes, of her identity, of her freedom.

Soon, the language organically evolves into me referring to her in the third person. She is still there in front of me, but dramatically diminished. The notion of "i" or "me", the possibility of autonomy, free thought, disappears. What remains is less. Minimal. A casing.

And she responds.

Her body becomes flush with warmth, tingles spray across the surface of her skin, and her head fills with light effluvium. I see her breathing take on different labors. I see her eyes widen and yet sharpen at the same point. A crest builds between us, drawing from my chest an apparition, summoning another dimension.

That's when It takes over. I take a step back, and It controls the flow.

The presence, the existence, the pause, the stranger, the unknown, the shadow, the flame.

This third person, thing, beast rushes over the object in front of It, overwhelming the microscopic bundle that sits in wait. It will devour the tiny creature.



and enjoy


Anonymous said...

this girl was once involved with a Dom who would not allow her to refer to herself at all in the first person. then he did not allow her to call herself girl. it forced her quite deeply into the most submissive place she had ever been.

words are intensely powerful, however, having them taken away was far more enormous.

dragonfly often doesn't speak in the first person in her writings either, as they are not for her but for you....


goodgirl said...

Deity, Sir
Your words pierce.
Ignite objectification.
Stimulate a quietness foreign yet familiar.


Deity said...

precisely the case. words are intensely powerful, thus their removal having even more of an impact.

Still foreign?

goodgirl said...

Deity, Sir

Just like a beautiful pair of ivory leather high heeled boots - molding around my calves, guiding my posture into a perfect silhouette - a foreign object which feels as though it were merely a natural extension of who I am.

So yes, foreign but still innate.

Anonymous said...


I would love a little more detail about the removal of, which words in particular? e.g. Does she say, 'This girl...' or is she required to say almost nothing?

When I was issued a punishment I used to use lots of words, "But, that's not fair...." I was taught that fairness has nothing to do with it for a start, but also, that the more I argued and justified myself, the worse it got, in a number of ways. So, now, I say very little, and although it is a loss of power in one sense, it is also very empowering to just be accepting of the edict.


Deity said...

In the early stages, yes "this girl" is used. Also, "she" instead of "i" and "her" instead of "my". Eventually, even this is too much, and i'll take even more away, leaving simply terms that derive from the word "it". The sentences are simpler too, they sound much more elementary, and even strict adherence to proper grammar will be tossed out.

"toy like this?"