Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My addiction

I seek to avoid acknowledgment of a fixation
to the flesh you pass before me;
to the off-white translucent thigh and the
amber shadow that traces between your legs.
And since i cannot claim the strength to turn from
nor deny this attachment, i abandon words for actions.
I find my hands tracing the silky down of your side,
skating along the smooth surface of your skin,
but this delicate dialog is not enough, for soon,
my fingers long for a stronger hit.
They curl around a long, stiff rod that will
strike against your body, extracting a more sincere
outburst from your mouth.

Pounding into you like a starving beast feasts
upon its fresh kill, my mind thinks of nothing else
but this

I fall off of you, lying next to your unmoving body.
The heat from our communion warms the air around us,
incubating this addiction that will rise to overcome me again.


David said...

Delightfully done, Deity,
wonderful wordage.

Anonymous said...

Welcome back, Deity.

You obviously have a way with words and a way with women and I regretted your loss when you decided to step away. There is far too little eloquence in the bdsm community to lose someone as articulate and observant as yourself.

And without you, how can the less fortunate -- like myself -- live vicariously through you and your remarkable girl? It's up to you to play hard and write about it for those of us who have lost our muse.

Please continue.


MizP said...

{sigh and a smile}

Welcome back Deity,

You have been missed.


Vesta said...

"A more sincere outburst"?

Well let that be a lesson to her! She should sound more sincere from the outset!

Deity said...

Do you think it was long enough? I wondered about its length.

I think this is the first comment where two members of the masculine persuasion chose to chime in (you and David). I'm excited to know that more males are tuning in.

Do you have any theories as to why there might be too little eloquence in the SM community, as you put it?

Is there a particular part of my writing that you missed the most? Would love to know.

Of course, it might not be a vocal outburst i'm looking for.

Lulu said...

Very erotic. The imagery and the obsession is clear and unquestionable, yet you describe two distinct and possible scenarios with very few words.

I hope the line breaks are intentional,(in my writing they usually are not, I am just HTML- challenged) because they fit very well and focus the eye on the critical - urge, hunger, ache.


Deity said...

As sad as it might sound, every ounce of my punctuation is purposeful. You can expect should you encounter them in the future or experience them with past posts that they indeed were intended.

David said...

Seems slightly terse,
though, sufficiently specific.

(sorry, it took me, so long, to return)

Anonymous said...

that's really good.

Anonymous said...

Amazingly Erotic

MizP said...


There isn't a particular part of your writing that I missed...I enjoyed it all, even the subject matter that completely frightened me. Your writing has a compelling nature to it and I find myself completely drawn to your words.

My favorite theme of yours is your amazing observation of the female form....there are too few men that are as aware as you are. And even fewer that can translate those observations into such erotic words.

Your writings make part of my day a little less ordinary. Happy you are back once again.


S. said...

Simply delicious...