Friday, March 20, 2009

The whole she-bang

Forever an inquisitive young fellow, in my youth i was challenged by my father to constantly question "why?". Always. At all times. Always ask why.

In my logic, this led to some rather harrowing internal interrogations wherein (as is my way) i didn't accept a limit to this line of questioning and eventually took aim upon the purpose and justification for the Universe itself. In much the same way, i have done the exact thing here on these pages, having struck the first match of illumination on the theme of my Big Bang in order to try to uncover more about myself.

I didn't stumble upon the URL of TransformHer accidentally. I knew quite well that hanging over my head like a deliciously ripe piece of fruit just out of reach was this insatiable desire to completely change, alter and modify the female form. And like that scrumptious morsel hanging just out of range, offering me the reality that some desires should never be met, i have come to grips with the fact that there are some transformations i will never (nor should ever) accomplish.

The imagery in my mind of what i'd want to do if given "full rein" could never (nor should it ever) be attempted. My desires are endless abysses that once you get to a certain depth no light or life can be sensed. Rather than plunge head first into a blackhole of narcicisstic oblivion, i participate in an exchange with an incredible life force that allows me to slowly alter her (but alter her. nonetheless). Small, individuated steps, instead of speeding light years to a frightening singularity no one has ever seen or lived to experience.


Trish said...

ok, you say there are some things you shouldn't do...but give us an example of one such thing...

Lulu said...

Intriguing ... if this is the answer to my questions ... thank you.

Deity said...

a cunt that has over 40 piercings. unfeasible.

it is not the answer, explicitly. that is still forthcoming.

Lulu said...

Then thank you even more.