Monday, March 2, 2009


I can feel it. It's like a slightly bad taste in the back of my mouth. Almost sourness.

I've been authoring the Lustful Quality for nearly two years, and my interest in continuing to do so waxes and wanes. I currently happen to be in a trough. A rather deep one, which can be seen in the delay between my posts (and perhaps even sensed in the words).

Well, one of the ways i know that rejuvenates my passion to share on these pages is to present myself with challenges. For a new challenge, i'd like to tap my audience.

I invite all of you to ask me the question you've always wanted to ask me, but were afraid to ask. The naughtier, seedier and riskier the better. I can't promise i'll offer an answer publicly (due to privacy issues) to all of them, but those i can, i will take the opportunity to spill my beans upon these cavernous walls.

Either leave your question in my comments, or if you prefer, you can e-mail them to me: dominantdeity (at) gmail (dot) com.

Now, don't be shy, let'em fly.


CharliB. said...

I know exactly how you feel about losing interest in keeping up the blog....I felt the same way a few months ago and stupidly deleted mine, missing it like crazy after 2 months had passed. I find it nice to have an outlet when I need one. If you don't feel like writing, just don't....take an extended blogging vacation, but DON'T DELETE IT!....whatever you

Okay, okay, you can delete it if you want to.

As far as questions go, I'm sorry but I don't have one. Perhaps I don't feel I know you well enough yet to find out more.

(flummoxed look on her face).

Oh and one more thing.....if you do go, I will miss your entertaining and well-written posts.

goodgirl said...

How does one ask a question about a man who appears to be an enigma?

The curious girl in me must ask though, have you ever satiated yourself on an unknowing prey? Feasted upon her carcass until there was nothing left? Degrading her until there is all which remains is the faint memory of what the girl once was?

~little one

Vesta said...


I love enigmas. You might have guessed. Thus, I have many questions I'll send to you.

But to kick off, I'd be interested in a discussion of the dynamics of you and your girl when things *don't* go according to plan.

Let's say she is having an unsubmissive couple of days. She can't find her submissive mojo, she wants to wear a pair of pants to dinner with friends, and she's decided that the cane really does hurt and she thinks she'll pass this week, and maybe even next week.

What does the dominant do then?
Give her space? Talk? Have her bend over the couch?

I'll leave it you to speak hypothetically, if the question does not even compute with you, or you might like to answer by relaying a time when the submissiveness was dormant and you had to do something about it. What did you do?

I'm working on the theory here that submissive girls sometimes don't really know what is good for them, and it's the dominant's job to help them see the woods for the trees. Right?

Kristy H said...

care to comment on your title? What do you consider the most erotic demise?

What is it that you're searching for, yet never have found? or if you've found it in your current love, what is it that you found?

Tell me of your passion that you wanted to share when you began this blog.

You're a talented writer. Thank you for your willingness to share yourself with the world. Thanks to your current love who helps keep your passion alive.

Reaperscreature said...

i have one, for you, Deity... In most cases, Dominants encourage their submissives to grow, to become more than they once were... But how do you Dominant-types encourage yourselves to grow in tune with the growth of your submissives?

cassie said...

He laid the whip over the tray, and stood back up. He brushed his hand over her head, feeling the warmth exuding from her crown, then stepped towards the open door.

"I expect to hear that you've finished all of that."

Would Diety care to share the rest of his story with his readers?

milla said...

What's something you have a desire to do, but can't quite bring yourself to do it (yet)? Maybe the fantasy that even the great Deity hasn't managed or wanted to enact yet. (No sarcasm intended, I'm genuinely curious based on your strength and ability to put into action what you desire.)

xx milla

goodgirl said...

Deity, sir
what do you fear?

Deity said...

I'd like to say thank you to all who submitted their questions and their wonderful comments. I'm very touched by the response and plan to address as much of it as i can (and of course that remains interesting for me to do so).

Thank you all again.


doll said...

I can appreciate the waning of interest in blogging. Perhaps it needs respite from time to time so that new passions can thrive. Perhaps too it is like a love affair with changes occurring at the two year mark. Or perhaps the very precise nature of these blogs becomes like a straight jacket that simply has to be thrown off.

domipup said...

(inadvertently posted to the wrong reposting here)

i am interested in Your opinon, Deity Sir, on the comment below, from a recent online exchange with a Dominant.

"Only by hiding you needs under the guise of obeying your Master can you possibly have your needs fit somehow into your life.. a not so perfect fit, but a fit all the same."

It left me thinking a great deal, and wondering if at the end of the day, this makes someone who craves unusual or unconventional things, and who regards themselves as 'submissive' is nothing more in fact than a supreme manipulator?

Deity said...

I'm not sure i completely follow the point. It seems to be missing context.

Feel free to drop me an e-mail to further flesh out the message.