Wednesday, March 11, 2009

eau detour

I'm sucked into my world, exiting the train, having just folded and placed the paper under my arm. I'm thinking about the meeting i'm running slightly late to, and the meetings that will follow it. My head is several floors above my feet. I'm shuffling in the crowd of people corralling up the stairs from the subway platform, maneuvering through the swarm of random trajectories, each of which are carried with equal rush and importance. I approach the turnstile to exit, and suddenly cross paths with an elegant young lady with the same intentions as i. Extending my hand graciously in front of me, i point her the way, letting her go through the gates before me. As i follow her exit, a cloud of her perfume wafts across my face, spilling into my nostrils. For that instant, i forget any thoughts of any meetings or agendas or floors or skyscrapers.

An intense desire to pounce, to tackle that sweetness and spread my wicked agenda all over that primped and pruned presentation is all i perceive.


goodgirl said...

never before have i exchanged with one whom elicits such primal, such animalistic tendencies as You.


baby girl said...

this draws me in like a moth to a flame.

i imagine being that girl. hair on the back of my neck at attention. somehow aware of the primal urge emanating behind me. of being it's potential prey.


Anonymous said...

Thank You.
When I do wear perfume, I tend to go for lighter scents. Some musky, some spicy depending on my mood.

I have often wondered if any of them have ever had that kind of effect. :-)

Deity said...

i assure you that there are many of us out there...

baby girl,
she did have goose bumps right as i walked within inches of her.

yes. oh most certainly yes.