Friday, January 9, 2009

She was just here

Awhile back, i took a few of you on a tour of the House of Deity in order to demonstrate the ease at which one can conceal the kinky potential of their furnishings. Do any of you remember the wooden stool that normally resides in the kitchen? Good. Keep that on precipice of your mind.

Recently, i had accumulated so much paid vacation that i needed to take random days off in order not to lose them. I reluctantly took the Friday before Christmas off, to give myself a three-day weekend, but to also give myself enough leisure time to contemplate the minutiae of that evening's correction. Vesta had recently shared with me a story she'd penned that detailed a schoolmaster faced with testing out his recently acquired spanking bench. A detail from it had stuck in the soft gray material of my brain like a spoon in a cup of ice cream. To fasten the young spankee to the wooden bench, the schoolmaster had the craftsmen install a leather band that would be draped over the girl's back - holding her in place, but also positioning her prone buttocks pointing skyward. From this image launched my evil stencils, drafting and designing ways to rivet, bind, ply and adhere my girl's frame to the aforementioned stool. I tested the stool to find its center of gravity, to see how the weight needed to be distributed. I calculated how much rope would be required to accomplish my vision, setting out the required number of coils. I layed out a yoga mat, and placed the stool over it in order to reduce the chance of the stool slipping out from under her. Everything was ready. All that waited was for my girl to arrive home from work.

I greeted her at the door, opening it when i heard her in the stairwell. She plunked her bags onto the floor of her room, and immediately grabbed her back, as if in pain.

"Baby, my back is killing me."

The sound of deflated excitement wheezed into the air as i felt all of the carefully crafted plans slip into the abyss. In my head, i tried to devise ways my design would not tax her sore dorsal region, but they all felt contrived.

"Well, you do know it's Friday."

"Yes, that's why i'm telling you about my back right now. I can't do anything too taxing."

"Define taxing."

"The cane...i can't do the cane."

The cane! THE CANE! She couldn't do the cane! I didn't even plan on using the cane. When she identified that it was this kind of trauma she must avoid - the kind of jolts to the lower rump that caused her muscles to jerk in violent spasms - i realized my plans were not for naught.

"Meet me in my study, having removed your clothes in 5 minutes."

I switched on the stereophone player against the long wall, and checked one last time that everything was prepared. She peeped her head in, seeing the stool immediately. I held out my hand and guided her to stand next to it. I took a position behind her, and before proceeding further, hugged her. I squeezed her, caressed her naked flesh, feeling the raised indent of her just-removed corset. I took in her scent, her natural and boutique perfumes. All of this brought me closer to her. I'd been away from this, her, all day. I guided her down, bending her over the stool, and placed each of her arms parallel to the two forelegs of the stool.

Kneeling, i grabbed a coil of hemp rope, and quickly lassoed her delicate wrists to the black wooden stantion of the stool, affixing it with authority. I traveled up her arm and attached her elbow with rope to the hard wood. With haste, i mimicked this configuration with her other arm, wrist and elbow. Her flippers had become legs of a stool. Moving behind her again, i spread her legs, butterflying them around the stool's aftlegs, making sure her feet were positioned wisely so as to support her entire weight should it shift even an inch during her internment. I wrapped her ankles to the legs of the stool, then her knees. Taking the extra slack i anticipated, running the rope up over her outer thigh, i slid a tight line of rope slicing down into her buttocks, and in through her legs. I grasped a hold of her outer right cunt lip in my fingers, and with the rope, pinned it against the inner part of her thigh, tying off the rest of this line to the rungs of the stool. Her left side soon sistered her right, holding her cunt open and spread. Where was my girl whose presence had filled the room, but now lay conjoined with this piece of kitchen furniture? Where had she gone?

Satisfied that she could not move with much liberty, i grabbed the last coil. Starting at the small of her back, at the precise point she had grabbed upon entering our home, i anchored this section to the top of the stool, coiling the rope around and around, each pass further compressing her back to a completely static state.

"How do you feel?"

I caressed her cheek with my hand. Her form clamped over the stool with such beauty. I wanted to grab the camera, but i also didn't want to interrupt the flow that this rigging had established between us.

"I feel good."

I produced the wooden hair brush with the wide head, and bent down to show it to her. She sighed, a sign of pure relief.

"I thought you might still use the cane."

I scraped the coarse bristles across her rope-packed flesh, back and forth, quickly inviting a beautiful scarlet wave to brush across her ass cheeks. I turned the business end of the brush around and thwacked her cheeks, playing with their tautness. I enjoyed the sensation of the impact upon my hand. The target never moved, and for the most part maintained the same rigid texture. After several strokes, i could see her backside was ready.

"Give me a number."

She struggled at first to provide me with one. Her speech seemed to stick in her windpipes, perhaps constrained by the aromatic hemp strewn across her body.


"Really? Sixteen."

In my hands, i held the leather cat-o-nine, allowing its mahogany tendrils to twist in the air. With precision as my guide, i suffered sixteen blows across her bound flesh, pausing only twice to allow her to catch her breath. At the conclusion, both of us could sense our mutual excitement, and knew the next logical step.

"Do i need to undo these crotch ropes to fuck you?"

"I think you might."


Anonymous said...

Ah Diety, thank you for that lovely image, she must have looked beautiful. Very erotic.

Happy New Year, Sweetness

Vesta's Submission said...


I am so pleased the effect of the story reading had a good outcome.

I wrote another story yesterday which I almost sent onto you immediately. The Master takes unusual measures to prepare Bella for marriage. (It's a tough job but somebody has to do it.)In the end, she is wholehearedly convinced. Since Janus thought it "naughty" "lewd" and "lascivious", I was probably right not to send it. Yes?

M:e said...

Great post!! We've got a very similar stool, which has been used in exactly that way, only ours has a padded leather top and steel legs.

This brought back some wonderful memories....thanks...grins.

Anonymous said...

I love how you make your girl disappear within her submission, this time using the stool, making her a part of the furniture almost. This was wonderful.


sunny said...

sigh...she is a lucky girl!

Anonymous said...

I forgot what I was going to say as soon as I saw the words 'cat-o-nine'. I agree that she is a very lucky girl.


Deity said...

That is precisely it. She looked so very beautiful. The lighting, the tone of the rope, her lightly pale flesh. All very beautiful.

I would never turn down one of your tales. Send forthwith.

Padded? That's cheating!

I'm a big fan of what's called "forniphalia", and making her into furniture is one of my chief obsessions.

Thank you for your kind words. It means a lot coming from such a gifted writer.

And i a very lucky man.

Something about the cat-o-nine that caused amnesia? I've heard it has that effect commonly.

sweetpea said...

hi, i am a new reader to
Your blog..and i am getting VERY over excited...! ;)
i don't know what to read next, but i can tell its all going to be very good!