Friday, January 16, 2009

Pinup Sweepstakes!

Who likes free, sexy, vintage-inspired lingerie?

"Wait a minute, did Deity mention 'free'?"

Yes, friends, Deity did. And i invite all of you who bless these pages with a visit to head over to my girl's site. She was approached by Pandora's Choice, a fabulous retro lingerie shop, to run a contest for her readers. I'd like to extend this offer to my readers to enter into the running for the fantastic prizes (it would positively fritter with her if indeed one of my readers won instead of one of her's - so don't fail me).

And, even better news, if this gets enough of a turnout, Pandora's Choice has promised to offer even better prizes in future contests. That's right, my friends, more, better free pinup stuffs.

So don't hesitate and shoot on over there by clicking here now!

Also, please feel free to forward this to whomever you want. The more, the merrier.


Anonymous said...

Yay!! I won the frilly knickers! Thank you Deity for steering me to your girl's site, and please thank Kitty for me again also!

Can't wait to get my knickers!


Deity said...

Congrats, blueeyes!

I'm the one that got to pull the names out of the hat. I was ecstatic to see it was one of my readers who'd won.