Sunday, January 25, 2009

I put my future in her mouth

Parading all over my hands, you would find at any random time minor cuts, burns, bruises and other evidence of me putting my appendages into precarious, and slightly risky situations. Slicing an onion incredibly thin; testing the temperature of a lamb tangine i'm cooking, and searing my skin on the edge of the lid; trying to do a pull-up using just the thin frame of a door. I view not just my hands, but all of my limbs as tools to be tested, stretched and challenged.

I remember when the idea for that night's correction flashed into my head. I was crossing a street i've crossed a hundred times before. But, this intersection rarely displayed a walk signal long enough for even the most athletic pedestrian to make passage. As i was bolting across, just missing the front fender of a speeding cab, the notion of risk popped into my head. I knew immediately how the evening's affair was to take place.

When i arrived home, i saw that my girl had preceded me by a few minutes. She knew that within some window of time from my arrival, the administration of whatever scheme i'd devised would occur. For that reason, rather than change out of her daily wear, she knew my preference was for her to remain fully laced until the conclusion of her correction. We kissed our hello's and i dismounted from the work posture i'd held all day, dropping off my satchel and coat in my bureau. Already, just glimpsing the prelude to the upcoming attraction, a thick bulge had grown in my trousers. I retrieved, from the corner, the wooden paddle with the long handle, placing it on my chair.

I called out to her in the living room, "Darlin, come into my room after you've removed your panties."

Sounds of a shuffle of undergarments came from the front of the apartment, replaced by footsteps on the hallway tile. The first thing her eyes fell upon was the paddle in my hands. In those moments, i'm curious what she's thinking. Is it dread? Is it comfort? I dare not pause the moment to inquire.

"Come here and kneel facing me. I want you to reach back with your hands, and lift up your dress so that you expose your buttocks."

I watched her unveil the white mounds whose curves dismantle most of my gentlemanly behavior. I unzipped my pants, and extracted the extremely rigid appendage, letting it point up towards her chin.

"We're going to have a lesson. Without using your hands, you will give me a blowjob. Throughout it, i will swat you with the paddle if i do not find any part of it enjoyable. Understood?"

She nodded her head, and opened her mouth. She swallowed me halfway, and then began to bob her head up and down.


"No teeth!"

She squirmed and groaned, continuing to stroke me with her mouth. Her lips bulged over the now fully erect girth.


"I said NO teeth."

More groans. Her fingers clenched on the material of her dress. Her sucking took on an urgency, a frenzy. She wanted to perform well, but being corrected mid-performance drove her to an edge.


"Noise, make some noise."

Her groans yielded to moans, as hungry hums traveled around the gag. Drool slithered down her chin, as she looked in my eyes with an animal fire behind them.




"Make me believe you like sucking cock, make me see you need this."

The slurping sounds sprayed across the walls of my bureau, which intensified the sensations of my approaching orgasm.


Just before exploding, i pulled out, grabbed the back of her hair, pointing her head up to the ceiling. I bent down and kissed her soaked lips deeply.

I whispered into her ear,"You did very good." Then lifted her from the floor, and led her to the bedroom. The risk i took with this limb needed some rewarding.


baby girl said...

i've been reading here for a while and have long since devoured all of your archives.

i've remained mute until now, more than a little intimidated by your eloquence.

this entry is so succulent and...well, hot! i'm inspired to break my silence.

phrases such as these:

"We kissed our hello's and I dismounted from the work posture I'd held all day,..."


"I watched her unveil the white mounds whose curves dismantle most of my gentlemanly behavior."

stir me no end, as i'm sure the image of your girl on her knees, servicing you while exposing her bottom for correction, will continue to for many nights to come.

Lulu said...

Perfect. Enough said.

Anonymous said...


You chaps certainly do take risks. Ever seen 'The World According to Garp?' It's probably best you don't!

And, I have to wonder if your girl wasn't having a teensy weany joke with know... the teeth. Why should I say that? Well, I enjoy the odd joke myself.


Deity said...

baby girl,
you are too kind. frankly, i thought the "dismount" phrase was a bit too clumsy, but i'm glad you found something good in it.

i'm especially touched that this post broke down your intimidation. i invite you to continue to comment in the future. i swear i won't bite (unless there's begging involved, of course).

enough said on a particular topic?

truthfully, in that position, i wouldn't put it past her to rake a little with the teeth. the task at hand, however, required a great amount of her focus, which would lend itself to a few slips.

baby girl said...

purrrr. thank you. :)