Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Continuing demands

Hold on. Before you get comfortable, you will do one thing for me tonight.

Do you remember the vibrator i told you to put in your purse? Good, you brought it.

See that girl who's getting up from the table? Follow her into the bathroom. Pick a stall, and go inside.

I want you to take out the vibrator and turn the dial to its highest level. I want this to buzz into the air - open, loud, public. I want you to think about what it will feel like when you finally touch it to yourself, anticipating the contact of this device to your cunt. And then...

...I want you to bring yourself to the brink, to the edge, to the closest point of falling. Rubbing it up and down the folds of your slick pussy, pushing it inside, paying no attention to any traffic that may come in and out. When you feel you cannot hold off anymore, when you feel you're about to burst, i want you to turn it off.

Lift the glistening toy to your eyes and stare at it. I want you to reflect about what it felt like, how close you were, and how obedient you are being for not going further. Wipe it clean and put it back in your purse.

Then, i simply want you to compose yourself. Leave the stall without a word, without a look into someone else's eyes. I want you to immediately come back and rejoin me for dinner.

And i want you to act exactly as if nothing happened.

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Anonymous said...

My past Master and I were in this same situation once,and I was instructed almost exactly as you instructed your girl. I was so nervous and self-conscious to do this, but of course I complied. Had I not, he would have known by my demeanor, just as you would have. More importantly, I wanted to overcome yet another inner boundary and this little exercise definitely did that. There indeed was another young woman in the ladies room with me, and we did not speak, but she seemed to be very intrigued by the noises she had heard.
Nervousness aside, this task made me feel so strong and powerful and sexy, and I was very happy that G had instructed me in this way. An added plus- the woman with me in the restroom was a beautiful creature and had her eyes on G and I for the duration of our meal and after dinner drinks, which led to a conversation about his next exercise for me!

The House Wench said...

So VERY sexy. I can only hope that my Master will choose to do such a thing to me one day. A brilliant idea.

Deity said...

what was the next exercise?

house wench,
well, send him the post, see if it plants seeds.

Anonymous said...


The next exercise was my first experience with a woman, and also my one and only foray into switching. I've been thinking about writing about that next. I'll keep you posted :)


littlegirl said...

um, you have a persuasive way with words, but having recently experienced this (sort of) my only thought way: no no no no no! (yes, maybe)

Deity said...

that's all i get? come on, you tease. more!