Monday, October 27, 2008


You won't hear from these pages, under normal circumstances, much in the terms of civic engagement, but alas, these are not normal times. I do not assume that those who visit this site in search of some bawdy or salacious material could care less about my opinion regarding the upcoming U.S. Presidential election. I won't offer who i'm supporting, for numerous reasons. But i will take this time to implore (sorry, this only refers to those readers who are registered voters in the United States of America) to those of you who can, the following:


This is not a time for apathy

Exercise your right, to voice your choice for the next face of this nation

It is your duty to participate in this democracy

Do not forget that there are those in this world who do not have this right guaranteed to them

This is your duty

Vote, on Tuesday, November 4th.

As a result of the events culminating with the US Presidential election on November 4th, i will be taking an extended pause from these pages in order to put my labors towards matters much more important than myself and my own interests.

I hope to return shortly following the historical outcome occurring just a week away.


David said...

Well said Deity, and strongly seconded.

oatmeal girl said...

My one regret about having finally landed a job last March after 2 years of only fitful employment is that it has prevented me from working full time for the candidate of my choice.

It is important for us here in the US to remember that the decision we make on November 4th will have a lasting effect on the entire world. I join Deity (who has now upped my admiration of him by yet another notch) in urging all American citizens to get out and vote, whomever you support. It DOES make a difference.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more! I've had my mind made up for some time, so I voted early. I hope all your readers heed your words.


DL's toy said...

Thank you for this: i was just going to write this myself but now, i will simply refer people to read yours: i couldn't say it better.

All the best

Anonymous said...

Well, my girl is 19 this year. She registered to vote and was very excited. We didn't get her card but we heard that many might not get their cards before the election because of the influx of new registrants.

She went to the precinct to vote and guess what... she wasn't registered! I felt so badly for her she was just sobbing with disappointment.

I advised her to go to a HQ and volunteer. She did and was glad but not the same is it.
I just thought I'd share. I'm so pissed I could chew glass! And we wonder why our youth is apathetic!