Sunday, February 1, 2009

If these demands go unmet

I wanted to surprise you today, so i slipped this note into your lunch bag before you left for work. You're probably wondering what i am upto. Well, at this moment, i'm making some alterations to your place that will make it appear unfamiliar. When you come home, you're going to do something for me.

Tonight, you are going to kidnap yourself.

When you leave your office, you will be followed. Don't try to discover the person trailing you, they will be very well concealed. Once you arrive, you are to leave your front door slightly ajar. Facing you upon your entrance will be a chair, situated in the middle of your living room. Lying on the seat, you will see two sets of locking cuffs, a thick locking leather posture collar, a heavy burlap sack and a white silk scarf.

You are to strip down to your underwear, leaving only your bra and stockings on. Sit yourself into the chair, then first, lock the ankle cuffs on each leg, making sure to run the connecting chain underneath the chair. Then, lock one of the wrist cuffs to just one of your hands. Take the silk scarf, and tightly gag yourself with it, tying it behind your head. Rest the posture collar in your lap, then, take the burlap sack and pull it over your head. Follow this with the posture collar, snapping closed the attached brass padlocks. When all is completed, take the other wrist cuff, and latch the free hand behind the chair.

Take note of your breathing. Feel how hot your captured breath makes your face. Open your eyes, and drown in the darkness. Listen to each footstep that comes up the stairwell. Will they stop at your door? These thoughts are the only thing you will be able to do. Otherwise, your fate is to...just...wait.


David said...

Ah, the joy of vicariously watching the lustful quality of her erotic demise . . .

baby girl said...

mmmmm, tantalizing scenario. how i long for a devious mind such as yours to play with my own dirty little mind.

sunny said...

Ohhhhh. I am swooning just reading this, I can't imagine the feelings that she will go through in performing these demands.

So very scary, so risky, so wonderful.

Sigh, if you ever have a summer camp for subbies, I'm signing up!

Vesta's Submission said...

Bravo, dear Deity!

It's the middle of the afternoon, I stopped for a cup of tea...and I can feel my temperature rising, and I've gone into that little trance when the world stands still, and there are only the words...

You said to "leave the door slightly ajar". Oh my...!


Anonymous said...

What a delightfully dark scenario! I am with Baby Girl - that is deviance at its finest.


Deity said...

You honor me with your kind words.

baby girl,
hmmm...i had hoped it would've come across a little darker than just play.

summer camp, eh? not necessarily a bad idea because fewer clothes and working in a dank, dark dungeon might be a good way to beat the heat.

Well of COURSE i said to leave the door ajar. Wouldn't be nearly as risky to skip that.

Dark. I wonder what would you see in your mind happening next?

baby girl said...

a poor choice of words on my part. perhaps if i replaced the word "play" with "toy". does that help any?