Saturday, October 4, 2008


Nearly done
Originally uploaded by GilesG

I want to mold you.
I want to press upon you with my hands.
Spread my rigid insistence over your body.
I want to freeze you, capture you, imprison you.
I want to build from your materials my sculpture, my art.

You will stand immobile, a reflection of my every want, every wish, every desire.
Your frozen form will tell others of the choices you've made, demonstrate to all that look upon your stationary corps your own passions.
This statue you have become will broadcast your life in one solitary, unmoving image.


Anonymous said...

I met an artist a few years ago who did this sort of work. She might do just a hand or a chest or more. It's a wonderful idea; sort of immortalizing your loved one.


Ani Smith said...

To be able to disappear in this way requires (what seems to me right now to be) superhuman amounts of trust. I say this with no small amount of admiration and maybe a touch of envy. ;)

Deity said...

one of my earliest female obsessions had her torso immortalized by an artist in plaster. i spent many an hour simply marveling at the spectacle of her frozen, bronze form hanging from the wall of an art gallery.

superhuman? or supRAhuman - as in not capable within your current relationships?