Friday, April 18, 2008

still more Demands

Good morning, darling.

I leave this note for you with the understanding that you have a long day of meeting after meeting ahead of you. When i came to kiss you goodbye before i left for work, you looked so peaceful and innocent that i didn't want to disturb you.

That being said, there are some things that need immediate attention. During the last several anal inspections, evidence of negligence in your cleaning have been found. That leaves me to only assume that you've allowed yourself to become lazy and less introspective about this very important part of your body. As i've said many times, your ass is to be clean and presentable at all times.

The lapses force me to take drastic corrective steps.

You will find on the bathroom sink your longterm buttplug, and a bottle of mild baby shampoo. I'd like you to go about your regular regiment of getting ready, and then, right before you leave, go to the freezer. Take a tray of ice cubes with you into the bathroom.

Once there, i want you to forgoe the usual water-based lube you apply to your plug, and instead liberally coat the implement with the shampoo. I then want you to take an ice cube in your hand, letting the heat from your palm create a nice liquidy layer. Slip this ice cube up inside of your ass. Repeat this with three more ice cubes. Quickly follow this with the plug, pushing the wide bulge past your anal rings, making sure it sits in your rectum nice and tight.

You are not to remove the plug until you come home later tonight, no matter how uncomfortable the shampoo reacting with your insides get.

My hope is that you learn to take better care of the areas i have tasked you with grooming.

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oatmeal girl said...

so how come the nastier your schemes get, the more they make me squirm? my reactions embarrass me. i try to make them go away by trying to imagine exactly how i would feel, attempting to go about my day while assaulted by the burning shampoo and the melted ice contained inside me (not to mention those ice cubes knocking around in there before they dissolved). but i keep getting distracted by the arousal at the thought of such a humiliating task.

happy now? the philosopher is. he's rather amused at my new taste for humiliation.

you'll need some other tender newly-minted subs to horrify, until they, too, are no longer scared by your perverted imagination.

meanwhile, any favorite butt plugs to recommend?

Dahlia Rose said...

You, sir, are evil, but I suspect that you know that already.

Anonymous said...

very clean indeed....

xx, m

Anonymous said...

You are VERY strict Deity, but I'm guessing you have your adorable moments too. Perhaps you run her a bath whilst you cook a delicious dinner. There must be rewards other than the obvious....


Sub Nouveau said...

My asshole tensed up as I read this. Even though it was not directed towards me, I felt the humiliation your sub must have felt.
I then went over my own personal hygiene regimen in my head. I've been lax in other areas, like shaving my legs before my Dom comes over, but no matter how little time I have, I always make sure to at least have a "whore's bath" with my removable showerhead!

I once had the misfortune of going down on a guy who smelled, well, assy. Fellas you too should make sure you tidy up prior to meeting with your lover!

Deity said...

don't worry, the ice cubes wouldn't knock around individually. once inserted, they'd melt rapidly and congeal into one solid block of ice.

quite a shock to the blower bowels.

i'm somewhat aware of it. other days, it's not so evident. watch out for THOSE days.

she'll learn to keep it clean this way for sure.

Surely you've read posts like this one. I'm quite, quite rewarding. Of course, there is the notion that the girl genuinely gains pleasure from such sadisitic manner. But i understand what you're saying, she does require significant after care, and it is my pleasure to do so.

lax in your hygiene? i suggest you share this post with your dominant right away.

oatmeal girl said...

oh deity, you are SO reassuring...