Monday, July 21, 2008

Further demands

Good afternoon, my dear. I know you told me that your phone was getting serviced today. That is precisely why i am calling right now. I don't want you to intercept my phone call. In fact, i want your stomach to sink as you turn your phone on for the first time, having just picked it up from the service center, and see that i called.

I want you to plead silently with the air, hoping that i didn't leave a message. When you log into your voicemail, i hope heavy dread wraps itself around your long, beautiful neck, slowly tightening as you ponder whether or not that innocuous smirk from the cellular clerk indicates that he listened to this message before you did. I seek to insert the question in your head if he caught the detail of every instruction i'm about to leave you for when you come home tonight, and the truth that both you and i know of your strict obedience to them.

I want you to board the subway, going into the station you always use with the knowledge that when you arrive home, within twenty seconds your body crosses the threshold, you are to get down on your knees and hold open your mouth.

As the train slides along the rails, you will inwardly contemplate my approach to your kneeled position in the hallway, you will think about the fact that you are not to look up at me, and instead keep your eyes trained on the crotch of my dress pants.

As the doors open at a stop just a few before your exit, your mind will flood with the picture of my fingers slowly descending, pinched onto the zipper. You will see my hand reach in past the material and retrieve my rigid phallus. Your mind will immediately accept where this erect rod will go.

As you maneuver through the avenues, familiar storefronts will wipe by in your periphery unnoticed because your entire countenance will succomb to the surging lust throbbing in your body. In your head, your lips are already wrapped around the firm fleshy gag, and you are already internally obeying the command to disrobe, all the while sucking uninterruptedly on my cock - with the knowledge that you will be led around the house, expected to maintain this union the entire time.

Your mind has vanished, at the completion of this message. All that remains is a vessel, waiting to fulfill its duty, its purpose, its hole.

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oatmeal girl said...


just what i needed.

just what i need...

elise said...

Yes. This.

This is what made me link you.

Well done, Deity.


chastity said...

I've been reading your blog for so very long and yet never commented.
I am so grateful for the chance to see things from the *other* side; the fact that you write beautifully is another blessing.

Deity said...

you should take your cellphone into the store to get serviced.

why thank you, elise. i'm glad i satisfy every once and a while.

thank you so much for speaking up and commenting. i really do appreciate the feedback. the interactivity is the reason this stuff is online instead of just sitting in my notebooks.

Bimbo Cindi said...

Enjoyed reading these posts again, to be sure, but what a disappointment to reach the end of the use of the phrase, 'this continues on here'. I want so much more...