Wednesday, April 9, 2008


We've all heard "The Devil made me do it." So often, a discussion of the muse guiding the artist to their masterpiece serves as part of art history lore. I know i've wanted to use the Dark Lord as a scapegoat many a time, and i've certainly pined for the imposition of some angel as a catalyst to create.

The idea of compulsion, an automatic response from us that cannot be controlled is a very liberating notion. Accountability needn't fall upon us for we acted by someone else's prodding. Lately, i gave this some thought as i pondered my uncontrollable response to every female who unknowingly wandered underneath my gaze.

In the past, I've spoken in much flourishing detail here, here as well as here about my magnificent infatuation with the feminine creature. It comes as no surprise to me (and perhaps you, the reader) that i'm a gigantic fan. Further, i recognize i'm quite taken and affected by the characteristics and qualities that effluviates from the softer gender, and that my body has innate reactions to their perfumes, their voices, their silky skin, their curves. To be put bluntly, i become a hound. Removed are the gentlemanly mores of society i consistently uphold, they are replaced, almost transplanted, by a feral beast who lives by the guidance of his senses.

When it comes to my applications of sadistic potency, i do not see an immediate demilitarized zone between them and the effect a beautiful girl has on me. In fact, i wonder if part of my punitive focus on females stems from a desire to make the damn, incredibly gorgeous nymph pay for her dominance over me.

I couldn't help it. She made me do it. It was out of my hands.

Luckily, i've found a few willing martyrs to soothe these demons.


Dahlia Rose said...

"I couldn't help it. She made me do it. It was out of my hands."

This is the kind of response I like to draw from my partner, so I tend to push the envelope and tempt him until he reaches his breaking point. The change in my partner as he goes from thoughtful gentleman to something entirely different is definitely arousing.

That isn't to say that all the tempting and transforming is one-sided. He certainly has an equally profound effect on me.

Anonymous said...

I always figured that if I waited for him to make the move that I was absolved of guilt - he made me do it! I'm sure I'm not the only girl to use this logic.

So the girl says "he made me do it" while the boy says "she made me do it".

Where exactly does that leave us?


Kitten said...

I do this same thing all the time. If the Devil (aka my Owner) made me do all those terrible things, then I didn't do them willingly and I'm not the slut that I would appear to be. Voila - instant absolution!

(Of course, He knows that I love every minute of it. Oh well!)


Deity said...

transforming, that is the aspect which excites me so much. the letting go of who/what/when you are and assuming a new persona.

hell, i named an entire site after it.

leaves us well sated.

why would you want to not be the slut that not only you appear to be but have fantasized about being?

Kitten said...

Shame, silly! Repression! My religious, stifling upbringing!

He loves to exploit that and use my shame against me. I suspect that you may have similar proclivities, yes?


Deity said...

yes, quite true.