Saturday, December 29, 2007

The Lottery

A few more words from me, stormy. Deity will return soon, promise!

Robert and I have only known each other for about 2 months. He's a dominant man and I'm a submissive girl, but we are simply platonic friends. Yet that doesn't stop him from getting ideas in his head.

The other day, while I thought he was taking a moment of quiet reflection, he was apparently busy conjuring up a way to explain his own kinky idea of an Indecent Proposal.

"I had the most remarkable idea on the way home from work today," he said abruptly.

"I believe I shall win the lottery and purchase you."

Uh oh.

The terms: I would be 'acquired' for $1 million, for one year of service.

The conditions: I would receive no markings or body modifications for that first year; I would not be required to engage in any act that placed my life in danger or risked injury; and I could walk away at any time, with compensation for 'time served.'

Beyond those conditions, I would be owned in my entirety and used as he wished - and believe me, Robert has a very dark list of interesting activities he likes to indulge in.

This contract would be signed before a lawyer, the money placed in escrow, to be paid to me 365 days after signing. Then I could choose to sign a contract for a second year... but for only $1. Conditions to be renegotiated (and certainly not in my favor).


"Money isn't a big motivator for me," I said after some thought. "Why would you think I would ever agree to this?"

"Oh, because you want to," he answered.

Damn. And so now you know: Gambling really can be dangerous.

(Would you sign it? Personally, I find the idea terribly seductive... I'm just not telling Robert that.)


PBF said...

Gosh what an idea.

I would be tempted.

It's not the money, it's the idea of being owned for a year, it just thrills me to bits.

Séverine said...

Trilling idea!

Sub Nouveau said...

I think I would, my finances have been the bane of my existence forever.

stormy said...

Yes, it's the idea behind the money that I connect to as well.

As Robert himself explained to me, he knows that money isn't the point, but could imagine that if I felt it were my 'job', I could let go of my moral self-judgments and accept my place in the scenario because I'd contracted myself to it.

If it were possible to hand over my self-determination to such a degree, I suspect Robert's idea might indeed be the key to allowing me the ability to give up such power... No self-doubts, just fulfilling my obligations.

But I should say, he was equally confident I would fulfill the 2nd year of the contract for a mere $1... because at that point, I would openly want to.

I'm glad you're intrigued. :)

sub nouveau:
I can certainly understand that, but at the same time, I can't imagine selling my sexuality for finances, simply for profit, regardless of how broke I am (usually, very broke!).

But this scenario still does appeal to me; compliance with a contract which allows me the freedom to follow a man into any dark corner he takes me. Simply because it's my "job"... at least initially.

KinkeeGurlee said...

I would do it. No question.