Thursday, December 20, 2007

Since when was naughty the opposite of nice?

'Tis the season where well-meaning girls are faced with spending a little time tied up beneath the christmas tree.

I'm leaving on an extended tour of the jolliest yuletide venues, and won't be back for awhile. But don't you worry, my devoted and slobbering readers, i will not leave you unattended.

I have asked a dear and beloved friend of mine to watch over the workshop for me in my absence. Those of you who drop by during the holidays are in for a treat for not only is she a devilish mind, but also an incredibly gifted writer.

When i first approached my friend 'stormy' with the idea of babysitting the site over Christmas, she balked at the idea, not sure her take on things would fit these hallowed pages. Au contraire, i told her. My first introduction to her was through her written word, and immediately, i was addicted. Her take on and passion for this realm continues to stun me, and i am honored that she would care to offer it to my audience.

To my readers and those just casually passing by, Happy Holidays. I look forward to a brand new year through which i can further explore my debauchery.

With that thought in mind, i leave the beautiful Kay O'Hara and a Vargas pin-up as my presents to all of you.


jayne said...


enjoy a relaxing and fun filled winter break. I look forward to reading Stormy's contributions to your blog. She is very brave to follow in your large footsteps.

It has been a thought provoking year of posts from you since the inception of your blog in April, in my opinion one of the best in the google blogosphere. It will be interesting to welcome you back in 2008. Keep safe out there


moonheart said...

Enjoy your holidays!
Nice blog and nice xmas pictures.

sweet greetz from Holland, mo

littlegirl said...

those last two pics just filled my head with the refrain of "santa, baby," a song i usually find so disparate (sexy santa?). it suddenly makes sense.

happy holidays, and stay warm!

Anonymous said...

Hope all is well and that you and your girl are enjoying the Holidays.

still reading,

Deity said...

it was a wonderful break, thank you for your kind wishes.

i'm incredibly touched to hear you say that my posts are thought-provoking, because i sometimes wonder. some of them go without many comments, which leads me to assume that i've chased away all of the thoughts with my provocation. i'm sincerely grateful you find my viewpoint to be stimulating.

why hello there! welcome to these comment walls. hope your holidays were lovely in Holland.

thanks, darlin (i love the cold). santa's cheeks aren't the only ones that are red, ya know.

thank you for holiday wishes, and welcome to the comment section. i'm always a sucker for that name, so now i can say i got a visit from 'bambi'.