Friday, December 14, 2007

The machines are winning

I don't care to waste a post on the random nuances of different word combinations that get compiled in my site statistics. Those times i've read other scribes' attempts at making something of this cornucopia of mishmashed vocabulary, i haven't taken their efforts all that seriously; much in the same way i react to the internet quizzes that breakdown their personality or charm. As for what terms people search that bring them to "transformher.blogspot", i do keep an eye on this; out of curiosity for what luscious language lures unknowing readers, but also to analyze trends for any favoritism certain obsessions of mine get over others. Recently, when i was scanning the list, something alarming caught my eye.

Out of 425 key terms typed into a search engine that then led folks to clicking on my site's link, a full 105 of them had some reference to "fucking machines". That's at least 25% of all the internet searches attempted that have brought people to my wicked labyrinth. When i break it down even further, of the top 15 queried terms, 7 of them are a derivative of "fucking" and "machine" (someone actually found me while trying to look for the elusive "mashine"), for a whopping 987 visits of the total 1,057 visits from word searching alone.

Let me repeat this. For those of you accustomed to all sorts of insane traffic where your numbers per hour dwarf my modest number of visits, it may not sink in, but what i'm trying to say is this:

If all i wrote about were fucking machines, i'd be 700% more popular.

What is going on here?

I truthfully cannot say. Clearly, of all the themes i touch on in this little corner of the internet, the one that resonates with people from every continent, every major religion and every timezone is that of mechanized sexual contraptions. I'm not prepared to say why that is, which is one of the reasons i write this post because i cannot quell the curiosity. Perhaps those of you who have stumbled upon my obsessive journal of a man who likes to control and modify the females in his life only because you've been hot for stories, photos or (most likely) videos of rigid dildos pistoning in and out of wet, slick vaginas can enlighten me. What is it about the disconnection, the alienation or the bizarreness of a girl spreading her legs for a hopped-up Hoover that attracts so much of humanity?

As i wrote in my singular post about the subject, i'm not at all inspired by scenes of a girl (and i can only assume that the majority of the folks who typed in those two words in Google that landed them here are looking for machines fucking girls) merely propped up on a bench while a long stem attached to a rotor swings in and out of her pubus. What interests me is actually turning this heated femme into a machine by stripping her of any movement or say as to how much, how long or how hard the brainless device will pound into her flesh. But, i suspect, this is not the case with the mass majority of these throngs of "fucking machine" fans.

Is it the absence of the male protagonist that for so many (including me) is a major turn-off with most pornagraphic material? With a machine, you don't see the dude's awful hair, or his shitty fake bake, or hear his bursts of manly libretto whilst humping the maiden "real good". It's just a saucy female, ready to demonstrate how badly she wants sex by willingly hooking herself up to a tin torso on a tripod, and letting it ram into her.

I can sort of understand the thrill behind this display. That being said, i'm overwhelmed at the attention my previous post on the subject (and choice of vocabulary) brought to me, and genuinely feel surprised. I wasn't prepared for the interest those two words, when combined, would bring, and i would love to hear from those of you who pop in and read my entries.

If you would, drop me a comment. I'm not sure i will devote much space to hearings of this nature in the future, so please, indulge my curiosities.


littlegirl said...

i read you long before you wrote about fucking machines, but i still wanted to share my own reasons for finding the topic a favorite.

i like that the machine is merciless, uncaring, unfeeling, and completely unswayable. of course, that isn't really realistic; afterall, someone has to turn the machine on, and presumably, off again.

yet fucking machines create a very particular helplessness that excites me time and again. since the machine doesn't care if the girl comes 50 times, or not at all, it isn't holding back excitement, isn't capable of mercy if she begs and passes out. the machine is just going to keep going and going and going . . .

to me, it's the scariness of submitting to penetration by something that very well could never stop, and would never be exhausted, that i could never get away from without help, that makes the topic arousing.

Deity said...

i think you have a particulary unique affection for these machines because i doubt the mass majority of those who seek them (and thus land on my site) are not thinking of them in quite the same way. especially since the giant number of scenes i've seen where they've been employed, there's nothing merciless in their application (the one segment that does constantly excite me does in fact have a notion of cruelty angled at the bound-up girl).
i can connect to your fascination, and enjoy hearing it from your perspective because it highlights that creativity of yours i've enjoyed.

Malcolm said...

This is the first time I have seen your blog. I came to it via a link on another blog, not by a search engine.

For me, fucking machines are bizarre, initially interesting but soon boring. My wife was asking me just now, "What is cyber-sex?" and we got into a brief discussion about the unsatisfactoriness of that. I find it much the same witih fucking machines: what appeals to me most about sexual exchange is not the physical sensation but the emotional and mental exchanges engendered by the physical sensations - or otherwise for that matter.

I do think that a machine such as the "Sybian" can give faster, harder and more continuous stimulation that gives some women their first orgasm; that would be an advantage, perhaps; but where is the emotional exchange? Machines lose me there.

Your writing is good, very articulate, I enjoy it and will return.

Deity said...

i think you hit on a grand point. regarding my reaction to much of the stuff that gets me aroused, i can sum it up rather simply: girl gets put in a difficult predicament, finds herself turned on by the attention, obstruction and imprisonment.

that for me is the base emotional response i look for and what turns me on so insidiously.

welcome to my comment section, and thank you for sharing your thoughts.

Destructicon said...


I'm having an absolute blast trolling your archives. Your insight and clarity of prose are very refreshing.

Machines... I think I'd have to suggest they are split into two categories - pistons and industrial vibrators (ala Sybian).

My only experience involves the use of a Sybian in power exchanges - After catching a particulary powerful display at our local fetish convention, the kitten found a recurring desire to experience it herself.

A test run with a friend convinced her she liked the experience physically, I was not so sure at first.

We purchased one, and after a few trials I worked it into our weekly activities.

The difference between a Sybian and the most powerful of vibrating wands was astounding. Compare paper planes to corporate jets!

Harder, stronger, faster, and more frequent orgasms became the norm. (On and off the machine, it seems that semi-regular use of the robo-saddle increased her orgasmic capabilities...)

The thrill of being at the controls and 'steering' her experience was a blast. Teasing, overwhelming, or unforgiving; it has been a great time.

Working restraints, gags, uncomfortable positions, and sensory deprivation into the mix has been most excellent as well.

Literally working her into a incoherant, pleading puddle of heaving flesh and juices is a diabolically enjoyable way to spend an evening in.

So, you could label me a convert - to at least one genus of machine...

Everything that LG mentioned rings true with the thoughts my gal has had about the experiences.

After all, its not all that often that you actually get to see a poor young female actually pass out from too much pleasure...

Keep up the great work! You're a truly gifted writer.

Deity said...

Thanks for your kind words, i'm glad even my archives serve to benefit. I will have to say, i have considered a Sybian before, but just wasn't sure if it was what i wanted for certain scenes. But your description helps frame a particular image i have in my mind. Thanks for sharing.