Saturday, December 8, 2007

Head trip

Tomorrow, i get to visit my girl's corsetier to discuss and review the mock-up of my latest commission. Trying to negotiate our three very cluttered schedules has been very difficult, so finally having the chance to see his progress has me very excited. What the item is, and the occasion for which it is being built adds a great deal to my excitement.

As i've expressed, i'm deeply obsessed with neck corsets. I own three different models already, but still cannot find (if it's possible at all) satisfaction with them. The act of covering over my girl's face, features and head has also imbibed my body with an impulsive energy that i frequently act upon. I will occasionally, amidst a daydream, doodle on a notepad a binding pose, an hourglass silhouette, or even a piece of equipment that forges from the alloys of my sexual appetites. One afternoon, after an intense drawing session, i studied the left margins of my office notepad to discover a rough draft of an idea for a new device.

Every year, my girl and i exchange the traditional yuletide presents in front of family, reserving for a private gift exchange one 'naughty' item. It's funny, but as is the case with most of my material infatuations, both of our sexy cadeaus tend to be something that can be used upon or worn by her. This year is no different.

My XXXmas gift (i know, *gag*) to her:

The process of designing this began several months ago, ignited by my disgust with the lacing hoods available both in the stores and online. As is the case with most mass-produced articles of clothing, what exists has no real sexiness to their design or detail - they offer only function. Not only that, but most individuals seeking such items tend to be of the male persuasion, and knowing this, the manufacturers keep their targeted audience's blocky, sharp and usually thicker features in mind when assembling these kinky textiles. Having this problem with most of the gear i've sought for my girl's delicate frame, it forced me to seek other options.

For someone who essentially seeks the eradication of their partner's attractive physical features by submerging them under layers of thick, binding material, it may sound odd that there would be a need for such extensive customization of this covering. Cloaking and then recreating as best as possible the shapes that i study and gaze at in great lustful detail - the slope that pours down over her cheek, the ridge where her jawbone meets her neck, the ever graceful but slight roundness of the back of her head - in dark leather actually goes further towards accomplishing her objectification. I've dissected her anatomy many times, over and over in my mind, dividing her into a long list of her beautiful components. Turning her head and neck into a shiny, leather-clad bust, with no evidence of the living, breathing human trapped beneath honors the summation of this list by forming from it sculpture, a work of art.

With all of this in mind, i came to Mr. S (the corsetier) and described to him what i wanted. He sketched out a facsimile that i tweaked until we reached a serviceable template. As an aside, having a willing artisan at my beck and call who can take my visions and give them three dimensions is a recipe for danger. With him on board, i'm one step closer to achieving my maniacal quest for ultimate domination (cue hysterical laughter). There are definitely aspects of this that could be trouble as i, one who suffers from serious impulsive and compulsive obsessiveness, can attest to with past experiences. My girl reflected this concern by commenting after our previous exit from Mr. S's studio, which was a routine trip for corset maintenance until i suddenly whipped out my idea for a hood without her even aware i had been contemplating it at all.

"You know, i love having him around to craft a new corset now and then, but his ability to satisfy these device requests of yours could get dangerous."

I just grinned.

During our outing tomorrow, he'll have a complete preliminary version of both the hood and neck corset (including boning) which my girl will patiently* model as he tugs, draws out or adds material to the head gear. Even this spectacle stimulates me. During this fitting period, she must stand there (and in the case of this hood and its features - silently*) while he and i comment on how it looks on her or whether it is suitably constraining. She has no currency in this exchange. Mr. S and i will negotiate any changes that should be made to the item, while our mannequin stands there quietly awaiting her fate*.

*She's a saint.


thisgirl said...

wow Deity thats cool! :) x

msrmure said...

Well now, I need an introduction to this Mr S. He sounds like quite the chap to have on hand!! bravo

M Mure

Sub Nouveau said...

Deity that is so romantic, sexy and loving that you're doing this for yoru girl. I think your OCD is a blessing for this task.

Where/how did you find the corsetier? I think that would be a good movie "the corsetier"

Deity said...

coming from you, a girl that is so well-equipped and gear-spoiled, that is quite the compliment. *wink*

M Mure,
bienvenue to my comment pages! mr. s is quite the asset to have whenever i get an itch i can't scratch myself.

it makes me smile to hear you gathered the deeply felt emotions behind this design.

he's the third corsetier i've used. the first two made either shoddy work or were themselves poor with customer relations. believe me, it has been a long, hard journey.

oatmeal girl said...

ok, deity, another point for you. this is way too creepy for me...

Deity said...

welcome back, darlin. nice to hear from you again. sorry that it's just you telling me i've gone too far once again.

oatmeal girl said...

i'm the only one willing to admit it... i know you do WANT to scare me. and i like having my limits pushed, even if only in my imagination.

but things like this i keep out of my fantasies. i'm too claustrophic.

Anonymous said...

Have you made any progress on having this made?

If so, can we see?

Deity said...

I have made progress, but not yet ready to post on it. Thank you for asking. Keep your eyes peeled.