Tuesday, September 4, 2007


There are many native talents one can have that should receive a decent supply of pride. For instance, i am naturally ambidextrous. Both my left and right sides can handle physical agility with comparable dexterity. When i discovered this about myself, i was quite excited, but didn't languish too long in my celebration. I immediately saw practical applications for it, testing myself on various menial tasks from each pole. I would insist on doing things on my left side that were weaker than my right, and vice versa. I foresaw using this talent to prepare for the possibility of an injury to one side. Being able to wield inherent skill to my benefit made me quite proud. I do not hold the same fealty for my hypersensitive sense of smell.

I live in a city where in the summer, even the dullest sense of smell suffers from the raw stew that pools in the gutters and simmers into the air. My olfactory can sometimes cripple me during a heat wave (yet another reason why i don't enjoy the summer), making it nearly impossible to pass along the sidewalks where all of the restaurants have hauled their greasy trash to the curb. I recognize that these mighty gifts can be used to enhance my life, enrich others, perhaps even save those from impending doom. However, what keeps me from feeling blessed with this trait is my singular ability to detect feminine smells. Every single one of them.

Before every pop star, fashion icon, and hotel hussy decided to splash the essence of exotic flowers, rare spices and nature-sounding words like "oak" and "yling yling" into a technicolor bottle, thus flooding the market with their punch, i could deduce the perfume of any female i encountered. Now there are too many fragrances to learn. In the past, I could be on a bus, and a pretty girl would sit next to me, and the first words out of my mouth, without making eye contact would be the declaration of her signature perfume.


"How did you know?"

It had its obvious advantages. But that fits into the "enrichment of others" facet of this ability. What odors the perfumes are used to cover up are what cause me the most distress.

From a very early age, before i even positively identified the source, i was able to detect the odor of a female's cunt by just standing next to her. Some pussies are blessed and truly do offer a honey and nectar distillate. When i encounter these ambrosial cunts, i can spend all day breathing them in. Others are the equivalent to a punch to my gut, and make me worry about the owner's overall health. I can usually determine the quality of a girl's bouquet in a few minutes.

It's usually the heavy mineral presence i pick up first, dominated by the time of month which determines how much iron is involved. The next scent comes in either a sweet or a sour cloud, which depending on the cleanliness of the female's vulva, will enhance these two fragrances. During the best exposures, i'm left with a salty whiff, like i'm standing on the edge of the ocean on a blistery day, mist spraying me in the face. The experience that leaves me disgusted usually caps off with the pungent odor of sun-baked meat. These are the times i wish to God i didn't have such attuned senses.

Encountering this has cropped up in the most inopportune moments. I'm someone who has always held that i determine when a level of intimacy will blossom between a girl and i. Having my nostrils fill with the moist aroma of a girl's sex before that point, comes off as an affront. I've ended dates. I've terminated crushes. I've stopped conversations at a party in mid-thought.

There are days that i adore this quality of mine. Especially when i am standing behind a beautiful girl in the line of a cafe, and i get just a tickle in my nose of her delicate effluvium. Then there are those days when it's too much to bare, when i'm trapped on a subway car surrounded by malodorous females.

I haven't yet figured out how i might be able to use this to my benefit or for my own survival. Someday i hope to sniff out the purpose for it.


jayne said...

Stunning. Actually i am speechless. I don't think i will ever be able to go 'no panties' ever again!

I do agree that the sense of smell is a mixed blessing. Mine comes and goes with my cycle and the times i am standing on the station platform and can smell everyone standing there i really wish i could turn it off.


Ani said...

That is most definitely peculiar! My own sense of smell vascillates between overwhelming and nonexistent so I'm always curious, specially regarding scents that trigger memories or certain emotions. Out of decorum, I will supress where that train of thought is headed. :)

Lush descriptions, as ever.

farmwife said...

Boy, Deity, you remind of myself being pregnant when I was so sensitive to smells that the very smell of a freshly mowed lawn, sourdough or other bread, and bell peppers made me extremely sick. This post also reminded me of The Perfumer book/movie.

Laani said...

This post is my worst nightmare realized.
i live in terror that my scent is so offensive as to turn someone's stomach and make me undesirable. i do not think i am alone in this fear, other girls must feel this way, too.

Anonymous said...

This post made me laugh, especially since I have an over-active sense of smell as well. And it’s not a seasonal thing either. i don't know whether it's a good or something that's going to drive to partial insanity one day.

i usually pick up scents way before the person next to me even realizes they're present. But what drives me nuts is that so many females feel the need to wear perfume as if they've just bathed in it. There is nothing alluring about smelling like that. nothing. And then there are the guys. Why do they need to spray themselves silly with cologne as well. especially that shite called Axe *shudder*. I really wish I could turn it off. It gives me headaches and migraines.

now im worried if I smell, even if i am very conscious of my hygiene. i hope to god I don’t. that would be a nightmare come true


oatmeal girl said...

Deity, i think this is the first time one of your posts has made me laugh! usually, you just leave me stunned...

personally, i think my cunt smells better now that i am so happy. an unexpected benefit of being owned... oh! just imagine if there could be a psychological sniff test!

Deity said...

please don't let my peculiar sensitivities cease your "no-panties" campaign. i'm a big fan of such practices.

you'll have to either share the train of thought with me personally or on your site. the front carriage of it has me very interested.

except you got to have a reprieve once you had your baby. i must bear this burden constantly.

worst nightmare? goodness. perhaps i should keep such things to myself in the future.

i'm sure you do not in fact smell, especially if you yourself are so attuned to such things.

i'm very glad i was able to make you laugh. i love the idea of your cunt taking on a more pleasant odor now that you yourself feel more fulfilled.

ashes said...

I can see why this might be a fear of some - like Laani has already mentioned. However, I happen to like the way I smell when I manage to pick it out - as well as my taste. :)

{milla} said...

I had this concern today at the doctor getting a rather intimate test. Of course the more you think about it, the more the damn area betrays you. Poor fellow.


Roper said...

Most women have worries about how they smell. As a Dom I would rather seek to bolster their confidence about how attractive their natural odours are. Do you not fear that you may have unwittingly raised the level of anxiety?

Deity said...

so glad to have you pop into my comment section. i wonder what percentage of girl's would agree with you that they enjoy their own taste. i assume rather high.

best not to think about it. however, i'm not sure i'd call it the "damn area". I find it rather heavenly.

Hey there. I seek to bolster the confidence of anyone i encounter, be they submissive or not. The point of the post was to draw light on what i feel is a rather peculiar and sometimes not enjoyable talent of mine. The point wasn't to weigh in on the issue of how much females worry about their smell or should.

Anonymous said...

I am having difficulty deciding whether I prefer your original post or your responses to the responses.
In case I forget, thanks.