Saturday, September 1, 2007

Center peace

The table was set with the finest bone china, silverware for each of the numerous courses, and dazzlingly lit by columns of candlelight stretching the full banquet length. Each guest arrived, one by one, and led to their place by one of the servant girls, naked except for her thick leather collar.

Upon entrance into the dining room, the unique centerpiece could not be overlooked. Displayed on a large silver serving platter was a naked girl with long chestnut hair, tied up behind her in a ponytail. She lay on her stomach with her arms and legs bound behind her into a fierce hogtie. A black marquet scarf draped across her eyes, accompanied by a thick black penis gag strapped around the back of her rigidly held head and stuffed inside her wide-open mouth. She dare not move, despite her desires to somehow receive each guest that sat around her. Gradually, all the chairs filled up, except for the one to her immediate left. Once all the guests were situated, the naked escorts from before buzzed around the table, monitoring the beverage levels and general comfort. Friendly but purposely unfocused chatter bounced around the table.

Suddenly, at the sound of the tall, double doors opening at the end of the hall, all conversation stopped, and all eyes moved towards the entrance. Seeing the host walking in, all the guests rose to their feet. He greeted each silently, politely, as he moved around the table, eventually taking the lone empty seat. No gestures or words were offered to the girl on the platter. Her clenched muscles and joints indicated she knew he'd arrived. Despite this urge to acknowledge him, her head remained stationed firmly forward. He sat in his seat, followed by one of the servant girls pushing in his chair.

Immediately, cart after cart of delicately prepared food came rolling in by the hands of the endless source of naked and collared girls. The guests received each course with great excitement, passing it around, drinking in the gluttony of the affair. Steamed duck, seared marinated asparagus, roasted pork, maple-glazed half potatoes, a broiled halibut decorated with brilliantly colored flowers. Each dove into the dishes as they came around.

He sliced into the pork, piling a hot mound of steaming meat upon his plate. His eyes, the entire time, never turned to the girl splayed in front of him. He took a saucer of gravy and poured it liberally over his food. Then, he proudly grabbed his wine and raised it in the air, offering a toast of thanks to each of them for coming. All attendees followed, saluting his toast with "Here-Here!" and "To You!". He took his cup, not yet sipping from it, and held it over his girl, hovering it above her head.

He tipped his glass, delicately letting the wine trickle out onto her head. It dripped down through her hair, over the scarf draping her eyes, rolling over her nose and spilling onto the gag protruding from her mouth. She jerked a little. Stirred by the sensation, then quickly regained her composure. He moved the glass down her body, pouring the remaining liquid as he followed the perfect symmetry of her frame. The wine splashed and collected in pools upon her flesh. As he reached her ass, the wine dribbled down her exposed crack, dripping onto the silver tray beneath her. She stifled all noises coming from her mouth, as the wine slowly painted her body. He sat back down, under the watchful gaze of each attendee, stunned into silent awe. Instantly, one of the servant girls filled his cup again to the top.

He cut into the meat on his plate, slopping the flesh between his teeth. The centerpiece remained still, frozen, despite the cooling effect the evaporating liquid had on her skin. Her body glistened with the crimson rain of the wine clinging to every sensual curve, accentuated only by her tightly bound limbs. As he continued to enjoy his meal, the first round of compliments from his guests over the evening's splendor began to arrive. Suddenly, he raised his hand to usher silence, and snapped his fingers sharply in the air, which echoed into the space above the banquet table. One of the servant girls moved to his side, and reached out across the table, undoing the strap of the girl's gag. The servant removed the phallus slowly from the centerpiece's mouth, who kept her orifice held wide open. The naked servant girl postured away, leaving the entire focus of the room on the now engaged submissive.

He let a few moments pass. Finally, he sliced off a piece of his pork with his knife, and without any words, moved the meat-strung utensil to the girl's waiting mouth, allowing her teeth to grab the contents from the fork offered to her. He retracted his fork, leaving her with the morsel. She carefully chewed the moist pork. He proceeded, without a single word, to feed her her meal in this manner. Not hurrying, nor overlooking the hungry vision strewn out in front of Him.


kirana said...

A prose to quell all that has been simmering in my pot for a few weeks now; basting in juices and staying nice and moist, so that when it is served, it may be devoured and enjoyed by all that partake in the tasty feast.

I really enjoyed the objectification and perspective that you are able to relate and capitulate your phrases to all those things that happen when two individuals share something as special as this.


DL's toy

littlegirl said...

this was quite beautiful, and although i loved the way you described the lavish scene, and each morsel of food, my favorite part is the title. it simply captures one of my newest understandings about objectification, highlighting the calm buzz of surrender the centerpiece experienced throughout.

this is a lovely fantasy. thank you.

Deity said...

the evening was a very wonderful evening that made all the planning worthwhile.

and i'm glad it was clear that this was solely about the two of them, and not the periphery activity.

Deity said...

the title was almost too easy, as in, the material lent itself to its selection.

i think it says much about someone who can find peace in this positioning, and i believe it goes beyond the sexual statements, to a point occupied by the sublime.

Anonymous said...

i'm glad it was clear that this was solely about the two of them, and not the periphery activity.

It is a wonderful thing when people, all people, can find the ability to enjoy themselves in this way. It should not be so hard, I think. It makes me sad that it seems to be so for so many people.