Friday, July 20, 2007

While i'm away...

I'm taking leave for the next week or so (i know, i've been talking about it long enough). In my absence, i have recruited my very dear friend to look after my little site.

I hand the helm over to Fetish Insider. She has promised me she would play nice with all of you who regularly plant their virtual selves in front of my journal. I invite you to comment on anything she has to say. She has quite the wicked side. And she has seen and have had access to things many of us would slay our neighbors to be near (well, let's not hope literally). I promise you a very entertaining read. I myself look forward to taking in what she posts. I most likely will not have the opportunity to see them until after i return.

Alas, most of my time will be spent decompressing and finding out how thin the walls are at our hotel.

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