Sunday, July 8, 2007

The Gain, pt. 4 - The Exchange

When i arrived at the restaurant, i purposely asked for the table up on the ledge, which looked out over the rest of the dining patrons. I took the chair that pointed me right at the entrance. When the waiter came, i ordered a double bourbon. I waited. Looking at my watch, i could see she was already ten minutes late. I finished my drink, trying to stretch it as long as possible, allowing the amber flood to lighten with the melting ice. She didn't arrive. I ordered another.

An entire half hour past our agreed meeting time, and she still hadn't shown. She'd never been this late before. Despite this, i didn't grow angry. I patiently waited, stunting my nerves with the alcohol.

A rush of cold air suddenly ruffled the tablecloth. I lifted my head to see the front door had opened. I saw her speaking with the girl at the front, looking around the restaurant as she did. The disinterested hostess limply pointed in my direction. June walked around her, and with long, overly pronounced strides, sauntered back to the table. I rose from my seat, drink still in my hand, caught in a mild sweat of anticipation. The small tip of a white garter strap peaked out beneath the hem of her skirt. I smiled as she stood before me. I leaned forward, lightly kissed her cheek and said,"You're late."

She grinned, then sat down. I joined her. My nose gobbled every note that came in the symphony of her perfume. She'd wrapped a cream white cashmere scarf around her neck, which gave her face the softness and enticement of a delicate pastry in a glass case.

"Thank you for coming," I immediately located our waiter, ordering another drink for myself and a small one for her. I laid my hands on the table, just inches away from hers. She turned her palms upward right as i did this, but she could not bring her eyes to mine.

We pedalled through a few laps of innane conversation, ignoring mention of why we'd met. I didn't have a strong desire to turn the subject to a topic i knew would clam her up. I enjoyed listening to her voice, which when given room sang quite nicely against the chorus of background activity and noise. Before too long, i felt an urge to assert.

I pulled my right hand off the table, and plunged it under the short tablecloth. I followed the line of my thigh out to my knee. I paused, exhaling a single breath. I made sure her gaze was on me. I reached across the blind space to her knee, feeling a tingle of pleasurable electricity conduct up through my fingers. Her mouth puckered open, giving out a soft cry. My hand snaked up her leg, the silky texture of her stockings spoke to my fingertips in a brief dialogue, escorting me to the top, where they met the naked frontier of her flesh. The waiter returned with our drink order, causing me to pause.

"Would you care to order?" He eyed her untouched menu.

"Certainly." I lifted it from the table, reaching across my body with my left arm. I handed both of the menus to him, holding them out in the air as our waiter hesitated a moment.

"I'll have the steak au poivre. Medium rare. She will have the duck confit, but instead of fries, fresh greens."

He nodded at me, collected the menus, then turned and stepped down into the main dining room.

I pushed my hand further up her thigh, sliding under the canopy of her skirt. A steamy warmth met my hand. The pliant tickle of a few pubic hairs graced my touch. I looked at her eyes which looked down at the edge of the table in front of her. She held her mouth open, rocking subtly back and forth, respiring in small heaves. I extended a finger, lightly caressing the moist flesh of her cunt lips, completely, as commanded, uninhibited by any undergarment.

Securing the evidence i sought, my arm retreated rapidly back to the topside of the table. I rubbed the glistening nectar i'd gathered between my finger and thumb in plain view. It was at that time the selection of the table - high, exposed, isolated - occured to her. The looks of the other patrons suddenly became clear, even the devilish smirk of our waiter when he delivered our meal.

I found the steak to be much, much too bloody.


Amber said...

very hot, as usual!

Amber said...

although, I must add, fresh greens instead of fries would lose me right there.

Anonymous said...

i enjoy your writings about june. i feel like we are really getting to know her.

Pixiepie said...

oh nice....very, very nice.

His pet said...

i LOVE it when my Master orders for me. That is so, so hot. Not as hot as your writing is though. That was amazing!

(it is always a bad sign when i walk in and my Master is already drinking...shudders).

Anonymous said...

how very titillating Your writing is.....thank You


Deity said...

i'm glad you liked it, even though you'd refuse to eat your vegetables.

i haven't decided how much more i want to discuss her. I take it there is something to be gained by knowing the submissive more and more?

hey there! Thank you for dropping a nice note.

is it a worse sign that he had to pour that drink himself?

such a name like that must have a wonderful story that could be shared.

Dahlia Rose said...

i do so love your writing. the combination of style and subject matter is utterly absorbing.